28. 10. 1977 New York City, Late Show

A few days before the Baby Snakes show, with a setlist quite similar to that one. From aaafnraa.de. Though the Tape Reviewing Society says:

This is one of the few tapes of this band that I don’t recommend. I can only think of two reasons to have it: completism and Wild Love. The main drawback is that it’s far from complete – the taper seems to have turned his deck on and off, leaving out most of the really interesting songs (= solo vehicles). (…) But as I hinted above, there is one exception, spelled Wild Love.

Well, who knows? Lets check it.

Live from The Pier in NYC 1984

On the sixth month anniversary of my divorce judgement, and fulfilling the requests of two KUR aficionados, here’s an excellent cover of The Allman Brothers Band classic “Whipping Post” by Frank Zappa’s 1984 band (solos and all). Hey, don’t you feel better already…

Frank Zappa Radio Spots

“It’s Halloween. Ding ding ding. Your doorbell rings. A chorus of small really weird voices yell “Trick or Treat”. Will you then turn the tables on your young visitors and offer them your own version of Trick or Treat? Will you give them teeth damaging cookies, candy and other sugary offerings – the trick – or the healthy treats of nuts, fruit, or popcorn maybe?”

This week something completely different… a veritable cornucopia of FZ album promos, anti-drug messages and weird stuff in general. So, Suzy Speedfreak, settle back and listen to the voice of your conscience


It is said that true immortality is achieved only when one becomes part of the popular culture’s collective consciousness. This being said, I wasn’t too surprised to find this reference to Frank Zappa in the Serpent’s Tail anthology, Intoxication: an anthology of stimulant-based writing, edited by Toni Davidson:

“Rancy had only ever been in at Whitey and Bammo’s the five times. It would always be the same — one of his mates would be wanting a bit blow, and what with every other source in the town run dry, they’d’ve ended up at Whitey and Bammo’s; where, ritually, you got teased by the kids, got attacked by the cats and you had to listen to Frank fucking Zappa. ‘Zappaaaaahhhh!’ as Whitey called him. ‘Zappaaaaahhhh!'”

“Moving Target” by Gordon Legge, p.91

intoxication anthology

Zappa Plays Zappa: Fall Tour!

It’s that moment we’ve all been waiting for here in the Old Continent: ZPZ hits Europe today, playing at Shepherds Bush Empire, London this very evening. I know Magic Fingers is attending, so I’ll be interested to read his review. Next up: the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France… and Belgium!

If you attend any of these shows, be sure to post a little review in the comments! Last year’s ZPZ reviews page turned out to be a great read.

The Voice Of Cheese: David Hulbert

If it’s Tuesday, this must be The VOC — this week featuring David Hulbert and his buddy Rob. David says:

Me and my mate Rob a.k.a Erroneous Apostrophe used to have a regular Zappa night, playing Frank’s music and discussing the universe. Rob is a damn good guitar player, he only practised this piece for about twenty minutes. The drums (BFD) are programmed by me, the bass synth played by me, Rob played about twelve takes straight off. This is nothing like what I do now, but it’s good to hear two mate’s groving on their Thursday Zappa night again.

I think this is VOC’s first full-fledged guitar solo! Have a listen:


Like it? Download it!

Greetings From Ghent

The Magic Fingers Tribe came over for the weekend. The photographical evidence is overwhelming:



… and then on Saturday evening along came my pal Franky. We played some of our greatest hits:


Mrs Magic proved to be a fan:


… and so did Dr Sharl:


… and then — this is about 3 am — we decided to call SOFA on the phone. Big fun!

… and then we all sort of crashed.


Good times! Splendid times.

KNBC Los Angeles

Frank Zappa is interviewed on this unknown talk show (circa 1980) on KNBC Los Angeles, promoting Joe’s Garage, the just released Limited Edition 12″ single “I Don’t Wanna Get Drafted!” and Baby Snakes. He answers some questions, evades others, and provides further evidence of his penchant for putting his female interviewers at ease…

Wolfgang’s Vault: Fillmore West, 11/06/1970

Like a tidal wave of total weirdness, the Mothers of Invention splashed down on the Fillmore West for a series of shows in November of 1970, then washed back into the seedy ocean of L.A., leaving the landscape forever changed (or at least confused and slightly offended).

And all this happens now at Wolfgang’s Vault – a great show, great sound, with a fine accompanying text. You can listen to it online after a simple registration.

Flo Hits 60

Howard Kaylan (Eddie) performs a video birthday salute for his long time friend and musical co-conspirator, Mark Volman (The Fluorescent Leech), both formerly of the Turtles, to be viewed at his 60th birthday party in Nashville, TN on May 5, 2007. Those of us old enough to remember much of what Kaylan recalls are no doubt running short on Grecian Formula.

Exorcising Boulez

Roger Bourland on being interviewed by a young French composer:

He was brimming with happiness. Seeing that he clearly needed some articulation of this newfound freedom, I grabbed my Chair’s Wand and zapped him saying “YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE LIKE PIERRE BOULEZ EVER, EVER AGAIN! and you can quote me.”

The exorcism was complete.

Music And Amnesia

In March of 1985, Clive Wearing, an eminent English musician and musicologist in his mid-forties, was struck by a brain infection—herpes encephalitis—affecting especially the parts of his brain concerned with memory. He was left with a memory span of only seconds — the most devastating case of amnesia ever recorded. New events and experiences were effaced almost instantly. Oliver Sacks‘ fascinating essay The Abyss tells the tale:

Clive cannot retain any memory of passing events or experience and, in addition, has lost most of the memories of events and experiences preceding his encephalitis—how, then, does he retain his remarkable knowledge of music, his ability to sight-read, play the piano and organ, sing, and conduct a choir in the masterly way he did before he became ill?