Conceptual Continuity Circle

The last few days I’ve been listenning the wonderful CD of the Banned From Utopia (the best ever versions of some tunes!), and that led me to create this continuity-chain (or circle):

Chad Wackerman plays beautifully on drums -> surprise: his brother, Brooks Wackerman (a drummer, also!) plays on the new KoRn album -> the KoRn album also features Terry Bozzio (see the video) -> yes, he (TB) was the guest of the ZPZ tour -> but if you check the page of that tour, you’ll se only ONE update (=1) from 2007: one single picture of Ray White – of whom says that also played in the Banned From Utopia – sang in Jailbait Babysitter (thanks for The Idiot for the info!).

Otherwise Dweezil says:

Speaking of new material, I plan to release a live ZPZ album from the 07 tour early next year. I am also in the process of reviewing footage that was shot by my good friend Charlie Boswell in Austin Texas for another ZPZ DVD. We filmed 30 new songs – different from the last ZPZ DVD.

Interview With Dweezil

In The Oregonian, Saturday, November 17:

ED CONDRAN: Project Object takes exception to your work. This is what PO’s Andre Cholmondeley told me recently: “Our band is the closest to how (Frank) Zappa did it. We leave room for experimentation. Zappa Plays Zappa plays it by the book. There’s a gross misunderstanding there. Zappa kept it tight but he kept a window open for improv.” Thoughts?

Dweezil: To try to turn this into a competition is stupid. They’re trying to make a living off of material that’s not their own, and they’re doing a poor job.

ZPZ: Big In Japan

This just in — Kataoka Hiroshi, Our Man In Japan, writes:

Just a quick report to let you know that Zappa Plays Zappa will come to Japan to play next year!!! They have 3 concerts. The first one is on January 21st of 2008, which is Monday, at OSAKA ZEPP holding 720 seats and I have bought 2 tickets for the day. On the next day (2007-01-22. TUE) they will play at Tokyo, and on the day after (2008-01-23. WED) at Yokohama. And the special guests are Steve Vai and Ray White. Sadly enough is the missing/absence of Terry Bozzio.

Download: Dweezil Zappa On Rockline 26/10/07

Ah the joys of Audio Hijack! Dweezil on Rockline is now available for download right over here. The file is about 101Mb, so please download directly to your hard disc (right-click, save as) instead of listening online. Bandwidth is a costly commodity…

Update: Our pal Balint has split the above monolithic track into consumable segments. Download here.

Zappa Plays Zappa on Rockline Replay

zappa plays zappa

Dweezil and Zappa Plays Zappa are live in studio on Rockline Replay, which includes five individual on air segments, wherein Dweezil answers questions from callers as well as from the host Bob Coburn, in between performances of FZ’s and Dweezil’s music. Ever wanted to know if Frank played with Hendrix? Click and find out.

Zappa Plays Zappa: Fall Tour!

It’s that moment we’ve all been waiting for here in the Old Continent: ZPZ hits Europe today, playing at Shepherds Bush Empire, London this very evening. I know Magic Fingers is attending, so I’ll be interested to read his review. Next up: the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France… and Belgium!

If you attend any of these shows, be sure to post a little review in the comments! Last year’s ZPZ reviews page turned out to be a great read.

The First Guy To Rap In The 70’s

From the ZPZ blog:

Dude 1 said to Dude 2, “Who’s playing tonight”? “Frank Zappa’s kid,” replied Dude 2. “Who’s that?” said Dude 1. “You never heard of Frank Zappa?” replied Dude 2. Dude 1, “No.” Dude 2, “Dude, he’s like the first guy to rap in the 70’s.” Dude 1, “That’s cool”. Dude 2, “His kid has a tribute band”…

And also a few words about the DVD release.

Dub Room Special: The CD Version

Apparently, a CD version of The Dub Room Special DVD is being sold at ZPZ concerts. Tracklist:

  1. A Token of My Extreme (Vamp): 2:29
  2. Stevie’s Spanking: 5:54
  3. The Dog Breath Variations: 1.42
  4. Uncle Meat: 2:16
  5. Stink-Foot: 3:58
  6. Easy Meat: 6:51
  7. Montana: 4:24
  8. Inca Roads: 9:46
  9. Room Service: 9:15
  10. Cosmik Debris: 7:44
  11. Florentine Pogen: 10:13

Zappa-List member Chris Foreman writes:

Not included from the video: Approximate (from the ’74 band) and Flakes, Cocaine Decisions & Nig Biz (from the ’81 band). A Token of My Extreme wasn’t on the video, but is on the CD. And, of course, the track order is completely different.

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