Remember the late nineties? Remember what the web was like back then? In those days, web awards were the coolest thing to obtain. People would grant eachother awards for no reason at all, just so they’d get a link back, which made the whole deal smell rather incestuous in the end. KillUglyRadio did its share of handing out awards , and was also granted some. For old time’s sake, here are the awards given to us in those days. All the sites who handed them out are still well worth visiting by the way ;-)

Useless Knowledge

Some futile yet entertaining statistics regarding
– The top search term leading here is “Zappa” (no kidding)
– This month, 50 visitors got here searching for “Phoebe Snow” (reaally relaxing!)
– The most accessed directory is “tracks” (for obvious reasons, I guess)
– The “Bognor Regis” mp3, posted here some two weeks ago, has been downloaded 255 times (probably also due to external links pointing directly to it, such as this one)
– The most accessed discography page this month is Freak Out (50 requests), the least accessed discography page is Orchestral Favorites (10 requests)
– This month, the weirdest search leading here has been “anti-masturbation equipment”