New poetry genre

The following poem has been found in recent excavations in the island of Legrum. Carved in the interior of a “happy meal box”, it’s been signed by Philistina, a Greek lyric poet who was taking a short vacation in Legrum circa 525 BC. Although only fragments of her romantic lyrics survive, it’s well known she pertained to the school of the Intestinal Poetry, among other poets and aficionados. The finding caused rejoicing in the scientific community.

Ode to the Prostate

Oh, Prostate, sweet goddess
responsible of the existence
of almost every child
in a mean distance.

You don’t complain, mutter,
fart or squeak.
You are quiet and discreet
It’s just like if you don’t exist.

Ignored by every porn site
Google search engine can’t find you
just the priviledged proctologist finger
knows about your joys and your goos.

Envy of the Penis!
You guys make me laugh.
Envy of the prostate
Is what we really have.

When i think about the Prostate
I think about a date.
If it’s not here,
maybe in another state.

(Legrum Island Condo)

Mail Woes

Oops… Just now, I was messing around with Entourage (Mac mail reader) and noticed I hadn’t included the barryATkilluglyradioDOTcom account in my “send & receive all” schedule (Everybody: “Yeah, we know exactly what you mean, Barry”). Once I did, I discovered a number of people had dropped me some kind notes, which I never got to read until now! Mea culpa! Sincere apologies to Mr. Stone, Mr. Tuyttens, Mr. Healy, Mr. Borlasa and the rest of you- your comments/responses are well appreciated…