Mail Woes

Oops… Just now, I was messing around with Entourage (Mac mail reader) and noticed I hadn’t included the barryATkilluglyradioDOTcom account in my “send & receive all” schedule (Everybody: “Yeah, we know exactly what you mean, Barry”). Once I did, I discovered a number of people had dropped me some kind notes, which I never got to read until now! Mea culpa! Sincere apologies to Mr. Stone, Mr. Tuyttens, Mr. Healy, Mr. Borlasa and the rest of you- your comments/responses are well appreciated…

6 thoughts on “Mail Woes”

  1. Barry! We are here having an assembly with Testy, the Flying Cat, the Hot Chick and the rest of the staff. We want to see those notes! Can we? Can you send them to us?

  2. Uhh, yes I think so joeri. I know he’s been getting some flaming due to his commenting habits on other blogs and such, but he is a genuine Zappa-fan so I gather… As long as he doesn’t flood this weblog with anything unsuitable, I can’t but congratulate him on his good musical taste ;-)

  3. The air
    Escaping from your mouth
    The hair
    Escaping from your nose
    Ooour heart
    Escaping from the scraping
    And the shaping
    Of the draping . . .
    We aaaare awating

    …until Barry gets home and send those notes (and the flakes) this way! Now, if there’s something i’d really like to know is “what” may be unsuitable for this weblog…but you don’t have to be so explicit :-)
    Btw, i congratulate anyone who likes Zappa. It’s a way of life!

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