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  1. …the slime oozing out from the internet!!

    I clicked on this site and was bombarded by annoying pop-up messages for some internet security scam. Close one, another opens, blah, blah, blah. Really suck-o! And don’t ask me how I really feel about it!

  2. Oh come on Bob, lighten up will ya. It’s a geocities site, so the pop-ups are inevitable. The audio was cool, but your attention span apparently proved too short to wait for it…

  3. You apparently jumped to the conclusion I did not listen. I will accept your apology for the short attention span remark.

    I suppose your parents and grandparents stood by and watched as the Nazi’s marched into your little burg and said, “Hey, they’re Nazi’s – it’s inevitable.” And I suppose it’s also OK that I open my e-mail everyday to an outpouring of love from all the pornsite spammers after providing my email address to this site. I guess it’s inevitable….

  4. Bob, try clicking here: http://www.x10.com/x10ads1.htm
    Supposedly, pops-up will not appear for the next 30 days. I didn’t get any when i clicked the site.
    As for the porn spam, i got it every day, even to an adress i haven’t provided in any site…(btw: listening now to My Guitar Wants to Kill your Mama in planetzappa radio. cool!)

  5. Comparing commercial pop-ups on the internet with the Nazi’s marching into my little burg now, are we Bob. You sure have an excellent perception of perspective I must say.
    Here’s a guy who doesnt have the money to buy himself his own webdomain and webspace, but he has a love for Zappa, enough so to carefully produce audio streams for the rest of the world to listen to. I honest to god do not give a flying fuck if I have to get rid of a couple of pop-ups, if in the end, I get to listen to some good music. But that’s just silly old me. I would also challenge you to find a free webhost that will not bombard your freebee site with pop-ups. Good luck on that.

  6. Here’s a tension easing segue, and something interesting to consider. Or, part of a stand-up, if you will…
    Many of my friends lament the fact that they receive porn spam after having visited clean, G-Rated sites. For some, this is a daily occurrence.
    Well, I surf, and VISIT, porn sites and I too get spam on a daily basis – ALL regarding “consolidating my debt”, “accepting credit cards for my business”, or “e-mail lists (supposedly so I can start a business spamming others, which will accept credit cards and help consolidate my debt). My deleted spam reads like the classifieds in The Wall Street Journal!
    Think about that for a minute
    And God BLESS the Internet!

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