Outrageous: we’ve received a video showing what we presume to be a young webmaster held hostage and forced to confess at gunpoint.

Gunshots could be heard on the tape and it’s clear that the prisoner has been denied basic human rights, and contact with family for at least five years, and given no access to the outside world. I strongly advice to the faint of heart to NOT watch this video. Torture can never be justified, and must be clearly condemned.

Pictures Of You




These photos here were taken by our own very esteemed Magic Fingers on the Reading concert during 1975 (OMG!! WTF!!!8888 There he is…! Awesome!!!) :-)

I’m very fond of this sort of pictures, and given the fact that the core of this website is the fans, and their experience as such, we could have a gallery potraying such an experience. It doesn’t have to be pictures with the *Artist* necessarily, but those who show the general athmosphere of the concerts you’ve ever attended… This could be a new feature updated periodically and with time it could be interesting to see the results.
So, if you like the idea, I’d like to ask you for your old/recent pictures, with or without you or the artist of the concerts you attended. Doesn’t have to be related with The Man himself, this is about you as A FAN. And, also, memorabilia, signatures anything that you think might be interesting. Got the Valley Girl colouring book? A lighter or a pin? An old ticket? Send me your pictures:, why dontcha?

“Thank you very much for coming to the concert. Hope you liked it. Goodnight!”

The Voice Of Cheese: Jonny Butter

It is time for VOC #10, and joining its ranks today is KUR regular Jonny Butter. His short yet totally sweet contribution is entitled “Commercial For Nothing”. Jonny says:

Here’s the story: The Consumer steps into the gigantic shopping mall. S/he is immediately beset with enticements all around – flashing lights and colors, shiny goods: look at me; no, look at ME! A sea of exciting products lunging out for his/her attention. Our Consumer feels a somewhat vertiginous, woozy thrill. Eventually, the moment of Peak Experience comes: buying something. The pulse quickens; hands get clammy; eyeballs throb. Finally, the frenzy peaks and the purchase is consumated, whereupon Our Consumer finds themselves back in the parking lot, alone, and feeling strangely empty. There’s only one thing to do…

Have a listen:


Like it? Download it!

Happy Birthday Barry!

“Barry: it took a lot of money and negotiations but we could hire the very well known and esteemed gipsy guitar player Air Guitar Johnney for your birthday. We hope you’ll enjoy!” — The KUR staff
“PS: sorry to have completely wrecked your website after hours last night while you were snorting*.
In exchange, this morning you have an important amount of spam to de-spam for your amusement. Enjoy again!” — The KUR staff Again and Again

High Res version here!

*snorting detergent, first, and then snoring in bed…

Spot the Jewels

Do you see any in this picture?

I did recently, in Buenos Aires while visiting the Rio de la Plata galleria:

Upon asking Rik, owner of Soundtrack Records, for the price, I hastily ran out of the shopping mall to call KUR headquarters.

– (me) “The price is $200, whaddayathink?”
– (The Boss) “Mmmmh… that’s a lot of money… does it have the beret?”
– “Yes!”
– “Buy it! Why, I’ll donate a kidney if need be!”

I didn’t much like the thought of a one-kidneyed Barry — so I resorted to robbing two enchanting old ladies of their pesos, and kicked a cocacola machine to get some more cash. Mission about to be accomplished…

Here’s Rik The Enabler, checking with me whether the goods are in mint condition (i’ve waited my whole life to say “mint condition”! at last!)

Fast forward to half an hour ago. Barry is running around the house sporting the beret mumbling something about disconnected synapses and swiss cheese while i take some pictures:

I’m a little worried about the foam around Barry’s mouth right now…

Honk 4 Frank Now

Studio Z is alive!

Filmmakers Adam Fiorenza and Derek Miley are about to finish their documentary focusing on Zappa’s “Cucamonga years” and started a smart marketing campaign both for the city to pay some recognition and also for the -soon to be- release of the film . “And we were surprised by the number of cars that honked…” says Adam.
Off the Richter, dudes!

Contemporary gizmos

Whereas the Clock of the Long Now will run with perfect accuracy for 10,000 years, the Industorious clock (sic) will probably get cramps on fingers much sooner than that. From the same author, the amaztype: an atractive interface that search and shows books, cd’s and dvd’s from any particular author (try searching for Zappa!). Here’s to see a ranking on the most popular words searched – look who’s first on the “Artist in Music” row (!!)