Contemporary gizmos

Whereas the Clock of the Long Now will run with perfect accuracy for 10,000 years, the Industorious clock (sic) will probably get cramps on fingers much sooner than that. From the same author, the amaztype: an atractive interface that search and shows books, cd’s and dvd’s from any particular author (try searching for Zappa!). Here’s to see a ranking on the most popular words searched – look who’s first on the “Artist in Music” row (!!)

3 thoughts on “Contemporary gizmos”

  1. First in the “Artist in music”: “Anal Cunt”, hmmmm… Female all-lesbian LA -based post-punk band perhaps? Thing is: are they anal about cunt, or do they for some reason conceive the uh rectum as an alternative uh entryway similar to the uh cunt? Must investigate further, but first I shall have to clear my mind by confessing at a nearby church.

    – Father I have sinned
    – Speak my son
    – I have used the words cunt and anal on my weblog
    – What’s a weblog my son?

  2. Anal Cunt’s really bad. Muscally and for your soul. Besides making the music that you’d expect a band named “Anal Cunt” to make, the leadsinger/frontman/guy who is the whole goddamn band is notoriously racist and all that shit. I might be wrong, but yeah.

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