27 thoughts on “Quick, before he gets to work”

  1. But I already fixed you the kiss thingy this morning!
    Yes folks: today is going to be a day of cheezy emoticons. :)

    (BTW: impressive timing with this post Dr Sharl! Now I understand why you had to go back up “because you forgot something” as we were getting ready to go to work… :kiss: )

  2. A happy birthday from me, and a happy birthday from her. Have a Chimay on me when you get home tonight. Or two…….


  3. Awel,ja.
    ‘k Heb ook nog een jaar of 10 een rosse baard gedragen.
    Moet ikje nu ook ne gelukkigen wensen?

  4. reeeeeee feliz cumple chabon!!!

    have a chimay on mf and a grimbergen on me!
    (you should ask gaby to make a cake for ya)

  5. Think you might get that mighty fine Dub Room DVD? It sure is fine! Thank you for the most exellent site and have a very happy B-day.

  6. Have it transferred from video to DVD… any reason I should buy it (extra’s? roxy?)?

    Matter of fact I was given a wonderful Neil Young live DVD as a present — as well as two paper airplanes with my name on it and parachutes and everything! from my sister’s kids. Oh and then there’s that 3-set “Learn Yoga With Wai Lana” DVD… :)

  7. There is a neat (real short) documentary with Moon about valley girl. It has a short clip of Dweez playing when he was 12, no Roxy though.

    I had never seen it, Ruth is simply amazing to watch, what a great Band!

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