Spot the Jewels

Do you see any in this picture?

I did recently, in Buenos Aires while visiting the Rio de la Plata galleria:

Upon asking Rik, owner of Soundtrack Records, for the price, I hastily ran out of the shopping mall to call KUR headquarters.

– (me) “The price is $200, whaddayathink?”
– (The Boss) “Mmmmh… that’s a lot of money… does it have the beret?”
– “Yes!”
– “Buy it! Why, I’ll donate a kidney if need be!”

I didn’t much like the thought of a one-kidneyed Barry — so I resorted to robbing two enchanting old ladies of their pesos, and kicked a cocacola machine to get some more cash. Mission about to be accomplished…

Here’s Rik The Enabler, checking with me whether the goods are in mint condition (i’ve waited my whole life to say “mint condition”! at last!)

Fast forward to half an hour ago. Barry is running around the house sporting the beret mumbling something about disconnected synapses and swiss cheese while i take some pictures:

I’m a little worried about the foam around Barry’s mouth right now…

6 thoughts on “Spot the Jewels”

  1. NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
    DE QUÉ ME RÍO??? NO SÉ!!!!!!!!!!!
    BA ILOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yummy yum yum yum yum! but paul…..if these become friday boots won’t ZFT have a reason to confront this site? dont want that.

  3. Well that’s the trick, you’re not posting Beat the Boots, but the Boots themselves that happened to be released as “Beat the Boots”. If that makes any sense.
    Besides, I though bootlegs were public domain, nobody owns them.

  4. I recently got my hands on a cd version of BTB2 myself. Beret (w/pin) and scrapbook included.
    A great find to be sure.

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