A Proper Reaction

In the comments of the previous post, Balint says:

What if ALL the FZ-tribute pages would accept a kind of “statement” or something, and all would present in their homepages at the same time? Telling what we think about it, what we suggest/ask for, and why. It could be called “We’re Only In It For The Music”

While I like the idea, I’m not sure how many FZ-tribute pages would actually agree. So for starters: who of you out there with a FZ-fanpage are reading this — and what do you think about the idea? Second: we’d need a clear, well-written text that explains our position in a restrained, respectful manner. My English is “okay”, but for this kind of copy we’d need some collaboration I guess. Third: do you think it’ll make a difference?


2 thoughts on “A Proper Reaction”

  1. Firstly, it seems that the majority of F(an)Zpages have been abandoned back when Ryko was still putting out Lather and 200 Motels ran wild and free. This would create the appearance of cracks in your ‘solidarity’.
    Secondly, the ZFT obviously is out of touch, or simply doesnt care about what fans want and expect: Respect. If so, we would either have the Roxy DVD or at least had not been told about it. Read the Relix interview, at best GZ came off as a pragmatist who will produce Frank’s work how she (and apparently he) sees fit. With little to no regard to the fans, who have made their voices heard so blatantly and on the Official website no less. Just by reading the universal insistence on the Roxy DVD, it’s a wonder why we’re still waiting while being slung with all this stuff from left field.
    Not to say that the new stuff is terrible. Questionable but I dont mind it personally. Just keep in mind two things, #1 a cd holds more than 35-40 minutes of music. #2 no Roxy, no Rage and Fury, no Dance Me This, no TranceFusion.
    Thirdly, she’s rich and she has the tapes. What does she really need from us we wont give?

    ….fantasy APB: GZ has just threatened to incinerate the entire vault; tapes, pictures, et al, unless she receives 1 billion in donations within the next 3 months. Pay now and have your name added to an exclusive list of [insert ThingFish reference here] and then you’ll get to be [insert Zappaspeak there]… doubletalk, doubletalk, hidden fees, not actually a product, more doubletalk [another Zappa song referenced], exclamation point. Dollar signs.

    I still believe that it is a labour of love though.

  2. It’s a nice idea Balint but I’m afraid it won’t make any difference to Gail and the ZFT. The ZFT pay no attention when one says something directly to them. Why would they bother checking all the fan sites?

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