The Voice Of Cheese: Jonny Butter

It is time for VOC #10, and joining its ranks today is KUR regular Jonny Butter. His short yet totally sweet contribution is entitled “Commercial For Nothing”. Jonny says:

Here’s the story: The Consumer steps into the gigantic shopping mall. S/he is immediately beset with enticements all around – flashing lights and colors, shiny goods: look at me; no, look at ME! A sea of exciting products lunging out for his/her attention. Our Consumer feels a somewhat vertiginous, woozy thrill. Eventually, the moment of Peak Experience comes: buying something. The pulse quickens; hands get clammy; eyeballs throb. Finally, the frenzy peaks and the purchase is consumated, whereupon Our Consumer finds themselves back in the parking lot, alone, and feeling strangely empty. There’s only one thing to do…

Have a listen:


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5 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Jonny Butter”

  1. Apologies to Mr Jonny Butter… We still don’t know what happened (bug?)

    Loved the track!

  2. thanks to all for the nice comments. And thanks to Barry/Dr Sharl for having the cool idea of the VOC in the first place. Very entertaining!

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