10 thoughts on “Taste-O-Meter”

  1. This is the ultimate answer to the question : what’s the most important invention in human history?

    The second wheel.

    Made it possible for VerLiFailNaLieRes (i e unsong heroes from a remote area) ) to use just one bicycle for the both of them.

  2. *sigh of relief* I thought it was my breath!

    To all my enemies (meaning everyone but those three, because either you’re with us or against us): be glad i couldn’t find EL&P’s “Love Beach” to torture you.

    I always liked The Dot tho. They are a fine band, IMO…

  3. Heh, I was filtering my library a bit, found my musical taste to be too broad :|… But I just cannot get rid of some of the groups I used to listen to… like *cough* The Prodigy…. quite an odd one out :(.

  4. /edit

    But instead I should use Last.fm to listen to groups that I haven’t heard of before, broad taste doesn’t have to be bad, though it can be pretty tricky to filter good music from bad music when listening to all kinds of genres. Though a simple fun/catchy band slips in every now and then ;).

    And Dot, heh :), there’s some problems with tagging, certain groups show tunes that don’t belong to them. But as long as Last.fm keeps growing, more data on the smaller bands should cause a better experience :).

  5. I’m getting D (abbreviation for the hip generation) for everyone else too. I think it’s just a maintenance thing.

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