3 thoughts on “Eat Shit Onstage, Anyone?”

  1. I hate to say it, but I think I’ve heard every single one of these rumors, ridiculous as some are. Amusing that Mr G, who is famous for playing millions of ‘gnat notes’ – pointless melismas that don’t amount to you-know-what – would be as famous as he is for holding one note for a long time.

    Hey, what happened to this week’s (err, um, ahem) fabulous VOC?

  2. WTF??!! I can’t see the VOC on my end either. I’m sure it WAS there, i can see it in WP, for some reason it’s not showing in the front page, but i don’t dare/don’t know how to retrieve it. Don’t despair! I’ll let Barry know as soon as he comes back!

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