Announcing The Voice Of Cheese!

Now then: about that poll. At this time of writing, out of 257 voters, 39% (a nominal 99 votes) declared they not only play music, but have recorded some of it as well.

The plan, as obvious as it must have probably been, is to showcase a KUR reader’s recording, say once per week. I would host your track, have the commenting masses do their thing, and we’d hopefully find some gems in the process here and there. To be clear: your tune needn’t be Zappa-esque or avant-garde or something like that. Anything goes — from hillbilly country-music through Klezmer to high-brow electronic music.

So here’s how I got it worked out practically:

  1. Those interested: feel free to drop me an email!
  2. Subject line: “KUR Reader Music Submission” (this is important as otherwise your submission shall go the way of the dodo)
  3. Body of email contains name of track, your name and/or band-name and preferably some more information
  4. Please do not attach any mp3’s in your email
  5. I will contact each contributor for details on how to obtain the track
  6. Your track will be hosted at KUR should you not dispose of your own online hosting facility
  7. Contributions will be posted chronologically — that is to say: in accordance with the email queue
  8. Each track should be in .mp3 format, and should not exceed a 6Mb size limit (this includes the 25 self-declared Eric Claptons)
  9. By entering, you confirm that the track’s copyright is yours.

Care to join the Voice Of Cheese? You know the drill! :)

11 Responses to “Announcing The Voice Of Cheese!”

  1. The Real EC says:

    I will respectfully stay out. Don’t want my godly talents to overshadow anyone.

  2. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    (I’m not a dentist, but I’ve played one on stage!)

  3. jim says:

    Holy tingling pseudopods!


    Sure, i can do that … even though choosing ONE will likely drive me the rest of the way over the brink 4 good – bah, whatever: i was due 2 jump the shark sooner or later anyway … & even if it DOES lead me painfully close 2 actually forcing myself 2 take my “music” seriously … pheeeeeeeeuw!


    Let the shames begin!!!!

  4. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Allright, I’ve already got 7 submissions (some of which I’ve actually got to listen to, and these all sound brilliant!).

    So come on, keep it coming guys ‘n gals! And in case you’ve been holding back: we’re really not looking for the next Brian Eno or something — you don’t have to be a composing/recording wizard to enter into this thing. Anything goes…

    Let’s have it! :)

  5. sterbus says:

    …seventy-seven million poodles?

  6. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    7 submissions? Wow!
    I’m still waiting for a reply to my email telling me how to submit…
    It’s tough too, as I’ve never been the submissive type…

  7. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    I haven’t replied to any of the contributors yet… as outlined above, I plan to get in touch with him/her when their contribution is up next in the queue. But in your case SOFA, I think I’ll give you a Skype call! ;)

  8. evaristo says:

    I feel like participating, just out of curiosity. I want to see if anyone can do WORSE. :-D

  9. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    By all means do!

  10. Hermann Propellerkuh Schindler says:

    I wonder whether you will blow your minds, blow your noses or blow your pants with the tracks of mine, hehe.
    or wander your wether, whot?

  11. DaveZappa says:

    Am I the only one who picks their inner ear with a Bic pen cap?

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