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  1. Go to France!!!!! :-)

    (Interesting: I’ve been talking with 3 persons about this program, and the very first thing EACH one of them said that this poster is nice. :-) )

  2. it’s a shame they don’t do more dates !

    From what I’ve seen on the videos of their rehearsals they seem pretty good !

  3. This tour is not listed at zappa.com as ‘authorized’. Presumably L’Ensemble can expect a phone call from G*il any moment now.

  4. i would love a phone call from gail
    i would love a phone call from anybody at this point
    previously, actually it was a long time ago, I had discussed, with a representative of the zappa heirs, the possibility of recording an album’s worth of my favorite compositions and the person with whom i spoke indicated that as long as i liscensed the material everything would be ok and since there is still the possibility of undertaking such a task i would love to investigate what the ZFT’s position would be at this point in time.
    Please bear in mind: I love lawsuits.
    Mainly because I have not lost one yet.

  5. Zappa Parody
    Zappa Parity
    Zappa Satirist
    Zappa Satanist?
    Zappa satirized everyone and everthing
    Did zappa ever satirize himself?
    Did he ever become so tired of the songs which he had to perform night after night for an audience who “claps for all the wrong reasons” that he would actually satirize his own material by instructing the band to play the material with a reggae beat?
    Shall we take ourselves seriously?

  6. His accommodation to the audience for which he had to perform the same songs night after night was that he rushed through his “hits” in no time or he played them as a medley. Even Zappa and his band mates were a living juke box.

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