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Every summer for the last seven years, Arthur Barrow has served as a valuable resource in Joseph Klein’s classroom, where Klein immerses UNT students in the world of Frank Zappa — from the music of The Mothers of Invention to the political and social implications of the lyrics.

A nice article in North Texan Online with Barrow’s story (did I mention he’s my favorite bassist?) Some more:
Frank Zappa’s band played for BBC Radio in 2003 on the 10th anniversary of his death:

Frank Zappa Anniversary Session Mar Vista Philharmonic
Albert Wing: tenor sax
Bruce Fowler: trombone
Walt Fowler: trumpet and flugelhorn
Kurt McGettrick: baritone sax, bass clarinet and flute
Tommy Mars: Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes and vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums
Arthur Barrow: bass

Recorded by Bob Stone
Produced and mixed by Arthur Barrow
Recorded at Lotek Studio, Mar Vista, Los Angeles on 7 th November 2003

Gee… ever heard about it, anyone?

7 thoughts on “Zappa University”

  1. The long FZ tail reaches out.

    The best thing that could happen to FZ, who was world famous when he lived ( unlike many other great artists), might be :

    – musicians playing his scores. See for instance FZ on ://
    – musicians taking FZ ideas further. This is essential.
    – ( sorry ’bout that, however it’s valuable) FZ being explored at music academies as “an excercise” for students.

  2. If what Barrow’s entered was called “Zappa University,” where each tour seemed like a semester, then what would the 1988 tour be known as?

  3. I think I remember listening to that band on BBC Radio 3 and I probably taped it. It was OK but I can’t have all that impressed with it because I haven’t a clue where I put the tape. The main thing I was pleased about was that the BBC were commemorating Frink as a ‘serious’ composer. They broadcast some other programmes about the great man

    I wonder if the BBC got permission from the Z*T? Come to that, has the University of North Texas got permission for its summer school? And how come that news article uses Zopper’s name?

  4. Arthur was in the band at my first FZ show. I felt bad when he wasn’t on the next tour. A very memorable performer doubling on bass & keyboards. I still remember his Doors keyboard jam.
    I love the audition stories. Keep them coming!

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