Happy Birthday Barry!

“Barry: it took a lot of money and negotiations but we could hire the very well known and esteemed gipsy guitar player Air Guitar Johnney for your birthday. We hope you’ll enjoy!” — The KUR staff
“PS: sorry to have completely wrecked your website after hours last night while you were snorting*.
In exchange, this morning you have an important amount of spam to de-spam for your amusement. Enjoy again!” — The KUR staff Again and Again

High Res version here!

*snorting detergent, first, and then snoring in bed…

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Barry!”

  1. Birthday, hum? Happy Happy one from over here! This information wil be added to our lifelong Custumer relationship management program and even your children and grand children will receive an amazing amount of birthday spam, pardon me, mail!

    Zum Geburtstag viel glök!

  2. Wow!! A birthday? Wow again!
    By the way: excellent animation! If only I had such a massive technical background!!! XXIst Century (wooden) Block!
    Congratulations Barry! (and for Sharleena for the movie! :-)

  3. It seems like it was just a year ago…my, how time flies! Happy Birthaday. I’ve sent a case of your favorite lagunitas rock star labeled beverage.

    (It was very difficult for me to actually place an order for your favorite beverage. As you might know, that kind Lady Gail has a link with a beverage distributor on her dead hubby’s website. The link, when I tried it anyway, linked to some sort of cappucino brew. This internet stuff sure is complicated. So, rather than buy the beverage from Gail’s prefered vendor – BEVMO, I went down to my local liquor store. The guy behind the counter was really happy to sell me a whole case – seems it’s not a big seller. He put it in a bag and shipped it off to you – ha!)

    Barry are you kidding me?

  4. The absolute BEST (music, of course) wishes from all your pals at TBN!
    What do you snort? Sure hope it’s not detergent…

  5. Many happy returns – – – ya Freak!!!

    ; )

    Holy Tingling Surrealism, that is quite the heavy & meaningfully metaphysical Tribute Video, & should DEFINITELY be sent to both Cannes AND Sundance, pronto … right along w/ that “World’s Greatest Sinner” epic – not 2 win, mind, just 2 yank their chain.

    Yow! Whee!

  6. Think of this birthday wish as being 364 days earlier rather than a day late. I Hope you had an excellent day.

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