3 thoughts on “Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top”

  1. Sam With The….was actually written by Don Van Vliet.

    For me, this is one of the weaker moments for either Frank or Don – a poor match of Beefheart’s words with Frank’s musical noodling. When I hear this, I get the feeling neither really ever got what the other was doing. There are great examples where Frank uses Beefheart to the extreme, though – can we say, Willy The Pimp? I’ve always liked Muffin Man with the “Goodnight Austin Texas, wherever you are!” ending to Bongo Fury.

  2. I’m not saying “Sam…” was the best song FZ ever wrote, Bob. I’m just saying that, in terms of funny songtitles, “Sam…” is one of my favorites. As for Beefheart/FZ collaboration highlights, I think I’ll go with the original “Torture never stops” version with Van Vliet on vocals, on one of the YCDTOSA’s (I forget which one right now). The Captain wrote the lyrics for that song, didn’t he? Other favorites include “Tiger Roach” and “Lost in a whirlpool”. I wonder what’s become of the Captain these days…

  3. I have never seen Beefheart given any writing credit for The Torture Never Stops.

    I agree this is another great example of Frank using Beefheart to the max for vocal impact. I think there is a pattern here…

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