5 thoughts on “Snapshots & Video From The Winnipeg Show”

  1. Oh yeah baby – that chorus on clip 3 would make Throbbing Gristle cry!
    Feel the burn … yiiiii!

  2. I was at the Montreal show yesterday. Oh man, what a night! I had attended the october show with Nappy Steve and Terry, that was great too but yesterday was out of this world. There must be something special with Montreal audience. The house was on fire and so was the band.

    This time Ray White was the only special guest as well as Frank himself onscreen with the live band playing in sync. The music lineup was completely different this time. Everybody was playing real tight and Franks music was really celebrated.

    On Black Napkins seeing and listening to Frank soloing with the band even brought me some tears.

    [Extra reviews here: http://www.zappa.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=77%5D

  3. i always get an error with QT plugin 7.1 with firefox, the browser crashes and quits, when i try to watch the clips.

    i can watch qt videos on other websites without any problem, though.

    any idea why?

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