ZPZ: Big In Japan

This just in — Kataoka Hiroshi, Our Man In Japan, writes:

Just a quick report to let you know that Zappa Plays Zappa will come to Japan to play next year!!! They have 3 concerts. The first one is on January 21st of 2008, which is Monday, at OSAKA ZEPP holding 720 seats and I have bought 2 tickets for the day. On the next day (2007-01-22. TUE) they will play at Tokyo, and on the day after (2008-01-23. WED) at Yokohama. And the special guests are Steve Vai and Ray White. Sadly enough is the missing/absence of Terry Bozzio.

3 thoughts on “ZPZ: Big In Japan”

  1. It’s very encouraging that there is a market in Japan for Zappa music.
    Encouraging in the sense that Frank’s music trancends cultures and only smart people like it.

    THERE, I said it.

  2. Oh…wish I could be there…! After the ZPZ consert in Oslo Oct. 12 2007 I have been playing Zappa 24/7 here. Have bought new CDs, but I have not been able to buy the CD from the ZPZ Tour 2007. Anyone who has some info?

    Enjoy the consert, Hiroshi! : )

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