Dub Room Special: The CD Version

Apparently, a CD version of The Dub Room Special DVD is being sold at ZPZ concerts. Tracklist:

  1. A Token of My Extreme (Vamp): 2:29
  2. Stevie’s Spanking: 5:54
  3. The Dog Breath Variations: 1.42
  4. Uncle Meat: 2:16
  5. Stink-Foot: 3:58
  6. Easy Meat: 6:51
  7. Montana: 4:24
  8. Inca Roads: 9:46
  9. Room Service: 9:15
  10. Cosmik Debris: 7:44
  11. Florentine Pogen: 10:13

Zappa-List member Chris Foreman writes:

Not included from the video: Approximate (from the ’74 band) and Flakes, Cocaine Decisions & Nig Biz (from the ’81 band). A Token of My Extreme wasn’t on the video, but is on the CD. And, of course, the track order is completely different.

… and further:

Gail takes a page of liner notes to express herself. As ever, she is somewhat inscrutable, but she does mention that the CD and the DVD were supposed to be released simultaneously, along with releases on vinyl and iTunes. However, that fell through. No word if the vinyl or iTunes versions might still happen. One of the only promotional ideas that did work out was to rope in Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, who takes another page of liner notes to tell his story of teenage Zappa fanaticism. It’s a nice little appreciation.

Update: now available for pre-order at Barfko Swill.

15 thoughts on “Dub Room Special: The CD Version”

  1. I never really liked the juxtaposition between the ’74 band and the ’81 band as depicted on Dub Room. Also, I am curious to hear
    that version of Token.

    Can I have one, Mommy?

  2. Hm… why releasing the very same material on a different format?… There are so much more things to release: I’d prefer the whole ’74 show on DVD, or a few days ago I’ve just lamented on the idea of a DVD from the ’81 Palladium show, full of (almost) never-before-released songs: Black Napkins, Bamboozled By Love, Envelopes, Drowning Witch, What’s New In Baltimore?, Moggio, We’re Turning Again, Alien Orifice, Sinister Footwear, Black Page #2, The Torture Never Stops, The Illinois Enema Bandit, King Kong, Yo Mama, City Of Tiny Lights, Strictly Genteel, Whippin’ Post. Jeezis, would be fun. This fresh one? I dont think I’ll ever buy it.

  3. yes, the instrumental-intricate-killer stuff from 81 is the part too much missing from halloween 1981, it would be very good to hear that stuff like it deserves. Or even 17 11 81 is good.

  4. I am enjoying this. Regardless of the re-hash factor.
    The sound quality is amazing, and this was put together by FZ.
    There are not too many of those left.

  5. Prefer version of ‘Uncle Meat/Dog Breath Variations’ on ‘Dub Room’ DVD to version on YCDTOSA Volume 2. That’s one reason I’d buy the CD.

  6. So, does the CD eliminate the claymation interruptions from the audio? I would love to hear the Inca Roads solo complete.

  7. Love the way Napoleon Murphy Brock dances around the stage – especially his expressions during “Florentine Pogen”

    Also, I always laugh when Zappa calls Mort Livob on to the stage and the poor fella tries to escape!!! The look of dread on his face…ha,ha!

  8. No, there are no sound effects from the Claymation.
    And now it is up for pre-order at Barfko-Swill.

  9. Listening to this tasty sucker now. The sound is brilliant and bright. No fx in the way.

    BTW, the GZ liner notes provide some insight to why a CD.

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