KNBC Los Angeles

Frank Zappa is interviewed on this unknown talk show (circa 1980) on KNBC Los Angeles, promoting Joe’s Garage, the just released Limited Edition 12″ single “I Don’t Wanna Get Drafted!” and Baby Snakes. He answers some questions, evades others, and provides further evidence of his penchant for putting his female interviewers at ease…

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9 thoughts on “KNBC Los Angeles”

  1. I remember watching this live when I lived in L.A.
    The interview was conducted at a French school
    where Jody Foster was studying. Kelly Lange
    (the interviewer) talked to Miss Foster also on the
    same program.

  2. Great memory, scott.

    Now do you remember the name of the talk show? Or was it one of those local AM morning shows (that go on and on and on…)?

  3. Nah, I don’t remember. It was a local afternoon news interview show. This was back when local news wasn’t nearly the mutant puke-fest that it has degenerated into.

  4. Kelly Lang must have made an impression on Frank – she makes a cameo appearance in Them Or Us: The Book, asking sensitive questions and sharing with the other female characters an insatiable lust for knackwurst.

  5. Imagine if Frank had run for President ..and won! How brilliant would the world be now! No Bush’s Senior or Junior to mess everything up!

  6. Why?

    There’s more than just one reason.
    Paradismas are just too different.

    However , coincidence: have a look at: Great Musicians & Great Politicians.
    They just share the long time view.

    It’s about innovation.

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