Wolfgang’s Vault: Fillmore West, 11/06/1970

Like a tidal wave of total weirdness, the Mothers of Invention splashed down on the Fillmore West for a series of shows in November of 1970, then washed back into the seedy ocean of L.A., leaving the landscape forever changed (or at least confused and slightly offended).

And all this happens now at Wolfgang’s Vault – a great show, great sound, with a fine accompanying text. You can listen to it online after a simple registration.

19 thoughts on “Wolfgang’s Vault: Fillmore West, 11/06/1970”

  1. loved it
    never heard the vocal version of Holiday in Berlin before.
    and the sound quality was really clear.
    thank you frank zappa!!!

  2. Hm, Easy Meat in 1970 – in such a good quality! And the madness of Who Are The Brain Police! I wonder if it is possible or not to get it in mp3 in some way…

  3. im pretty sure there is a program that will take whatever sound comes out of your speakers and record in real time. only problem is sometimes an email comes in and makes a whoosh sound right in the middle of a tune. if your on a mac, go to macupdate.com and search around there. im sure ive seen it before.

  4. i have a mp3 of call any vegetable that’s the same as this one, but says it’s 24th june, 1970 LA ..hmmmm.

  5. I myself pretty much enjoy the simple existence of the bootleg recordings – but finding a show in really high quality is a real joy. This sounds real great – and I had the same experience with the amazing Buffalo. I wish I had this show on a disc.

  6. Hands down the most interesting Zappa I have heard in a long time.
    The lyrics to Holiday In Berlin…..
    Beyond value.

  7. this one sounds fucking AWESOME.

    added bonus for ubernerds: it’s the same show from the 1971 vpro roelof kiers documentary!

    thanks for the heads up!

  8. Eric: thanks!!!! It suprised me, that the Media Player said: 40 kbps – but it sounds okay, to me.
    Question: what do you thonk, will it be at this homepage forever? It would be nice that one could listen to it any time, any place.
    (I also tried a kind of “mp3-recorder”, but did not work to me.)

  9. Those shows have been up for awhile, so I imagine they’ll be there “forever”.
    I downloaded it by doing a “right click”, then “save target as”, then put it in any file you want to.
    It IS one big file, the songs are not seperated.
    I used a program called “mp3 cutter joiner” to seperate them.
    Kind of a pain in the ass, but what the hey?
    Here’s another link to streaming audio:


  10. the streaming page has even more shows than the download page i think (which is currently unavailable for me).

  11. Eric: thanks, but I was thinking of the Wolfgang’s Vault’s page with this “forever” thing. :-) It would be nice to know that this show will be public, from any place. (I wonder what the family thinks about it…)

  12. I hate streaming audio/video, it keeps getting interrupted by “buffering” and since it’s not available to download, I just have to take it choppy or simply miss out. FUCK!

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