14 thoughts on “Cuyahoga Falls ’84”

  1. Wikipedia: “The town was initially called Manchester but was renamed Cuyahoga Falls at the request of the Post Office since there were already several other Manchesters in Ohio”.

  2. And regards to you too, Bernard, good sir. Can it really have been nearly a year ago….?

  3. fz seemed really ‘on it’ for guitar solos this show, i don’t think i’ve ever heard a 6 min hot plate solo from 1984, with a louie louie quote as well !
    but i knew it wouldn’t be an 84 solo without that trademark ‘stock ’84 descending scale riff’..you know what i mean, but what scale is it, anyone know?

  4. The downloaded “Keep it Greasy” is turning out only 1:22, and “Joe’s Garage” only 2:20. Are those the correct lengths, or are they downloading wrong somehow?

  5. The hour-long trans-con phone call was the best gift I’ve received in 2007! So many thanks for that.
    Happy B-day and Love and hugs to all at Barry Towers…

  6. My first comment here, but i’ve been enjoying the shows for a while now. That scale Frank always plays on this tour? Well, it’s called a whole tone scale….the one exception to the rule that he always plays something different in his solos! Didn’t think i’d enjoy an ’84 show this much, but it was great!

  7. whole tone eh, thanks, i just learnt that the other day! :D figured i needed to learn some theory with to augment my guerilla guitar techniques..

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