Flo Hits 60

Howard Kaylan (Eddie) performs a video birthday salute for his long time friend and musical co-conspirator, Mark Volman (The Fluorescent Leech), both formerly of the Turtles, to be viewed at his 60th birthday party in Nashville, TN on May 5, 2007. Those of us old enough to remember much of what Kaylan recalls are no doubt running short on Grecian Formula.

Author: urbangraffito

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7 thoughts on “Flo Hits 60”

  1. Grimbergens? Isn’t that a tad expensive (although not illegal, immoral or fattening)? Must be my low-brow tastes… Can’t resist a good shot of dark rum now and again…

  2. Nice video Mr. Kaplan.

    I wonder who played the part of the refugee from a Japanese horror movie?

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Volman

  3. Jamez Says:
    October 2nd, 2007 at 11:44 am

    When is 200 Motels gonna be released on DVD?

    I think you’ll have to ask MGM (or whatever corporation owns them now). It took me years and much cash to corral a CD copy of 200 Motels through an independent music store (as it was out of the hands of FZ and the ZFT) to go along with my vinyl copy.

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