Missing Links: RDNZL, Cosmik Debris – Stockholm

Have you seen the Stockholm show, 1973? You did? Maybe the 50 minute version. But here are some missing gems, previously unseen (at least by me): RDNZL and Cosmik Debris.
Great tunes! Watch the fun the band has during and after RDNZL! Sooooo good!!!
(provided by bongolamp)

Update: bongolamp has just uploaded Kung Fu and Penguin In Bondage! (I’ve also updated it on my page)
Thank you, man!

The VoC: So Long & Thanks For All The Fish!

Indeed: the time has come to lay to rest The Voice Of Cheese. Over the past months, no less than 35 participants have had the guts to submit a track, knowing full well their entry would be scrutinized and critiqued before an audience of die-hard Zappa fans. That’s saying something.

To all who participated: kudos! You are the best, and I hope your submission got you some exposure.

“Is this the end of KUR Audience Participation?”, you ask? Mmmh, well I do have an idea that involves nothing much more than a webcam and a YouTube account… I’ll keep you posted.

KNBC Los Angeles

Frank Zappa is interviewed on this unknown talk show (circa 1980) on KNBC Los Angeles, promoting Joe’s Garage, the just released Limited Edition 12″ single “I Don’t Wanna Get Drafted!” and Baby Snakes. He answers some questions, evades others, and provides further evidence of his penchant for putting his female interviewers at ease…

Flo Hits 60

Howard Kaylan (Eddie) performs a video birthday salute for his long time friend and musical co-conspirator, Mark Volman (The Fluorescent Leech), both formerly of the Turtles, to be viewed at his 60th birthday party in Nashville, TN on May 5, 2007. Those of us old enough to remember much of what Kaylan recalls are no doubt running short on Grecian Formula.