31 thoughts on “Clapton Goes Jazz”

  1. WTF??? How could Steve Gadd stand by and even play along with this nonsense? Did Eric Clapton take LSD and listen to Marc Ribot, Sonny Sharrock, and James Blood Ulmer, misunderstand it all, then do an impersonation? There has got to be a reasonable explanation. Steve Gadd would not let this happen.
    Does anyone else agree that lapton should not try anything new ever again?

  2. I just watched the Vai clip. Someone PLEASE explain these clips to me. The look on Vai’s face is hilarious, but I don’t really get it, and intend to check out the clips titled, “Steve Vai on Heroin” and “Steve Vai on Crystal Meth” for more insight. What torture for an audience.

    I’ve been on a big John Zorn thing lately, Albino Penguin. Thanks for the surprise.

  3. Yes I’m happy to see that right now everybody seems to agree that Clapton is one of the most overestimated guitar players.

  4. Thanks Barry. Someone did a great job of overdubbing. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while – and watching this for breakfast (late starter on US EST) really made my day.

  5. I didn’t see the “Silly” part, but if this had been real, that would make it even more silly to me. I was ready to consider that old school guitar heroes everywhere had begun to ironically mock their “god” status on stage. If only the world was that cool. But then, if I was in charge, the downtown area of every major city would be like a new take on Disney World, with mockups of the Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Pantheon, etc. and roller coasters would be used for mass transit. Noise rock would monopolize the Top 40 radio stations. Ah, we all have our dreams.

  6. Clapton will probably take this spoof in his stride but I’m not sure about Steve Vai…his facial expressions are really stupid and without his actual guitar playing to distract your attention this really shows him up!

    Well done to StSanders, whoever he or she is, for such meticulous work!

  7. Wooaaauhhhghhhh… Steve Vai was great!!! :-) Somewhere I saw one with Yngvie Malmsteen, it was a kind of a “mastercourse”. He was talking about the thing “he” played. (“See? How fast I am: Hm!!!”) :-)

  8. When it comes to undeserved reputation – Carlos Santana takes the prize (IMO). Watching Clapton and Santana jam together would be a good ol’ rock-n-roll snooze-fest.

    In Clapton’s case, the very serious black clothing adds that certain NOTHING.

  9. OMG! this made me laugh big time. And then i saw the Vai video which really got my sides hurting! Thnx!

  10. I’m moving to Birdman!’s town (as soon as he’s in charge)!
    Um, thanks for the Zorn linky giantalbinopenguin! Made my day!
    Moo-Ahhhhhh . . .

  11. I laughed my ass off. The saxophone was hilarious, and I like the way Clapton threw in a bit of Enter Sandman at the end. If only.

  12. John Petrucci

    The Malmsteen video mentioned earlier (“I’m your new God!”) was taken down at the request of Malmsteen management:

    “August 27, 2007
    Little update:

    Malmsteen management removed my videos on the terms that they were a breach of copyright.

    I used material from his videos without permission and added my own audio.

    There are however the exact same material i used, still on youTube.

    Now i don’t see how fair it is to remove my videos when ive only used the actual video and added my OWN audio, when the exact same videos remain on youtube with both the copyrighted Audio and Video.

    He only wanted the video’s that made fun of him off of youtube.

    Apparantly no one’s allowed to have a negative video of him or he’ll stomp and cry.

    Take care.”

  13. Steve Vai’s new album “Sound Theories Vol. 1 and 2” is excellent! Zappa’s influence is VERY strong on this one!

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