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  1. This may be common knowledge, but does anyone know the story behind the commercial blip after the Steve Allen clip? The audio over the bird picture that says, “Suzie? Yes…” sounds almost exactly the same as in “It Can’t Happen Here”. Was this the actual audio from that commercial, and if so, what was the commercial for? I need to go back and listen to Freak Out, but it seems to me the echo laden “Suzie? Yes…” that turns up was spoken by Frank and Ms. Creamcheese, not these spokespeople. What’s with the reference? I heart conceptual continuity.

  2. I think it is from a VHS video compilation of Zappa bits and pieces and this was just running into the next item rather than an actual commercial.

    There use to be a better/cleaner version of the Steve Allen clip on YouTube but that seems to have gone now.

  3. here’s a thought:
    we need to find a clip of the mothers on the steve allen show
    from 67 or 68 i think
    they played: hungry freaks, daddy and america drinks
    and frank was also interviewed
    this tape has to exist somewhere
    we must find it!!!
    also: a really long interview of frank on the alan burke show
    (alan burke had a talk show on in new york during the 1960s.

  4. Thanx for the lynx.

    It really is amazing and gratifying to see just how many Zappa videos are on the YouTube. Peefeeyatko is my favorite, I think.
    I just wish I had a decent quality copy of it. Ein Leben als Extravaganza is also a very, very great program.

  5. A real surprise there: some never-before-seen tunes from the ’81 Halloween show: Teenage Prostitute and Whipping Post; but Alien Orifice is also a rare thing there. What does it mean: that there IS a video recording from BOTH shows that day, and it must be somewhere in circulation! (I’d love to see Moggio!)
    BTW: any additions or suggestions are welcome!

  6. you are welcome “Roland”
    that is the same guy who did bohemian rhapsody
    squeezing your hands to make fart noise music
    too funny for words
    i know frank would have liked it

  7. [quote comment=”16226″]Music is the best.Zappa his compositions wer nothing short of genius.I love zappa,does anyone agree?i would love to talk to true zappa fan.[/quote]

    Is this a compositional proposition, stevie stix, or are you just being friendly?

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