Lukewarm Poop From November 26th

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  1. Ultimate stoner playlist, huh, Barry?

    The top of any such list would have to be “White Punks On Dope” by The Tubes (T.R.A.S.H. version). Methinks that if the original Mothers of Invention were to have emerged in San Francisco in early seventies instead they would’ve probably been The Tubes.

    How’s that for some lukewarm poop?

  2. P.S. To comment on metafilter, you gotta first pay five bucks (now there’s lukewarm poop if I’ve ever seen it, or smelled it)!

  3. urbangraffito Says:
    “Methinks that if the original Mothers of Invention were to have emerged in San Francisco in early seventies instead they would’ve probably been The Tubes”

    Never really thought about that, but it’s true! The first Tubes album with ‘White Punks’ ‘Mondo Bondage’ and my personal fave ‘Haloes’ was very Zappa-esque. P.S. Beefheart was on their 3rd album ‘Now’ and they also covered his ‘My Head Is My Only House..’!

  4. Damn that sucks (the $$$$$ thing) so I’m putting my stoner music list here instead…

    (got a hell of a hangover, drinking all Barry’s beer last night! – sorry, I promise to restock your cyberfridge!)


    brecht/weill – mackie messer (1930s recording)
    swans – feel happiness (live)
    zappa – outside now (YCDTOSA 4 version)
    pink floyd – dogs
    white noise – here come the fleas
    tom waits – in the neighbourhood
    slint – good morning captain
    syd barrett – long gone
    mothers of invention – uncle meat/king kong (off The Ark)
    kristen kersh – your ghost
    glen branca – symphony 10, 2nd movement
    julian cope – starcar

    That’d keep a person out of mischief for an hour or two…

  5. Giantalb, lists can be trly & very instructive. Frankly speaking I’ve never heard about Glenn Branca. Thanks for informing us/me. He is a border crosser. Those people are always amongst the most interesting.
    By the way, giantalb, a ( possible- I don’t know if you know ) compensation for your kind offer, there’s . There you can find a long list of daring, courageous innovative guitarists ( under ” guitarists” down on the right hand side).

  6. My Drug Usage Playlist:

    Munir Bashir – Taqsim En Maqam Awj
    Hamza El Din – The Water Wheel
    The Olivia Tremor Control – Cycle 4
    Steve Reich – Pendulum Music I
    Erik Satie – Danse Gothique No. 3
    Black Dice – Cloud Pleaser
    Frank Zappa – Proto-Minimalism (YCDTOSA 5)
    Diego Amador – Solea Del Churri
    The Redneck Manifesto – Another Day of Hunting
    Sharks Keep Moving – Third Instrumental
    Frank Zappa – Pink Napkins (SUNPYGSM)
    Nektar – We Must Have Been Smashed
    Faust – Psalter
    Amon Duul II – Prayer to The Silence
    Akron/Family – Blessing Force
    Caetano Veloso – Tropicalia
    Love – The Castle
    Django Reinhardt – Nuages
    The Books – The Lemon of Pink
    Sun Ra – Nebulae
    Grails – Back To The Monastery
    Panda Bear – Untitled 5
    A is for Algorithm – WARP TRANSPORT

    And lo! Here it is for you guys to try!

    I’m gonna go listen to giant albino penguin’s mix now.

  7. KUR & others,

    This blog is truly getting very mature in a cosy way. It’s partly about the initial bloggers mind being restored: providing each other with useful info. Great.

    Now ” funny”. Unless KUR kindly invites all contributors to stop posting, KUR et all risk recieving a honorary degree ( honiris causa or the like). Very good. Unfortunately – so far – there’s no music dpt from an university focussing on zappology. Might be in the coming.

  8. Jamez Says:
    November 29th, 2007 at 10:21 am

    Correct! P.S. Listen to the Tubes ‘Remote Control’

    Jamez, if you want some Zappa-esque Tube action, just check this following link out The song only ever appeared on The Dawn of The Tubes, a really rare track: “Baby, Your Face Is Mutated.”

  9. Thanks urbangraffito! That’s the first time I heard that track as I don’t have ‘Dawn Of The Tubes’ (I think it’s a collection of demos they recorded before they signed with a major record label). Awesome! P.S. Also clicked on You Tube Tube videos and saw a live version of Beefheart’s ‘Gimme Dat Harp’ from the Plalce of Arts in’77 with Fee doin’ his best Beefheart drawl! P.P.S. Wish Sputnik would rejoin ’em!

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