Greetings From Ghent

The Magic Fingers Tribe came over for the weekend. The photographical evidence is overwhelming:



… and then on Saturday evening along came my pal Franky. We played some of our greatest hits:


Mrs Magic proved to be a fan:


… and so did Dr Sharl:


… and then — this is about 3 am — we decided to call SOFA on the phone. Big fun!

… and then we all sort of crashed.


Good times! Splendid times.

3 thoughts on “Greetings From Ghent”

  1. An englishman in Flanders : Ghent…

    1. Just have a look at the meaning of the Treaty of Ghent for the early ( end 18th century) UK- US relations.
    2. Good to see that the british do not limit themselves to Bruges anymore. Ghent is as nice as Bruges. They were on equal footing ( as far as beauty is concerned) till the 19th century. The difference is that – unlike Bruges- Ghent was industrialised in the 19th century. Thanks to machines coming from the UK. Result: Ghent is not only bigger, but also much more lively than Bruges. For instance music. Brugeshas its well known yearly Renaissance Music concours and festival. Ghent: that’s contemporary art.

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