The Voice Of Cheese: David Hulbert

If it’s Tuesday, this must be The VOC — this week featuring David Hulbert and his buddy Rob. David says:

Me and my mate Rob a.k.a Erroneous Apostrophe used to have a regular Zappa night, playing Frank’s music and discussing the universe. Rob is a damn good guitar player, he only practised this piece for about twenty minutes. The drums (BFD) are programmed by me, the bass synth played by me, Rob played about twelve takes straight off. This is nothing like what I do now, but it’s good to hear two mate’s groving on their Thursday Zappa night again.

I think this is VOC’s first full-fledged guitar solo! Have a listen:


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The Voice Of Cheese: The Lost Bees

Undaunted, the Voice of Cheese continues… This week’s tune, “Billy-a-Dick”, was sent in by Rick Wood. Rick says:

The song “Billy-a-Dick” was written by Hoagy Carmichael during WWII and arranged for use in the film “For the Boys” with vocals, backup chorus, and full jazz band. Here my friends and I (“The Lost Bees”) attempt to simulate that arrangement with a quartet. Moira Burke, vocal; Heather Hendrickson, vocal, drumsticks on chair, and kazoo; Jason Reed, keyboard; me, acoustic bass. Recorded in my basement direct to 4 track digital last Saturday by Johnny Lee. Our ensemble materializes only on occasional weekends, for fun.

A fun toe tapping adaptation this, if you ask me. Have a listen:


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