Live from The Pier in NYC 1984

On the sixth month anniversary of my divorce judgement, and fulfilling the requests of two KUR aficionados, here’s an excellent cover of The Allman Brothers Band classic “Whipping Post” by Frank Zappa’s 1984 band (solos and all). Hey, don’t you feel better already…

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4 thoughts on “Live from The Pier in NYC 1984”

  1. The fact that FZ and band learned this song over 10 years after that guy shouted it out as a request in the Helsinki concert is my favorite piece of conceptual continuity.

  2. Get a person
    Tie him up
    To the Whipping Post
    And beat the living shit out of him
    So that guy in the audience was satisfied

    But by myself I wouldn’t
    Have no boss,
    ‘Cause I’d be raisin’ my lonely
    Whipping Post Floss

    I wonder if that guy who shouted it out as a request at the Helsinki concert was satisfied?

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