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A Compulsive Commenter Speaks

A descent into the bizarre kingdom of the comments window. Based on actual facts.
Here comes the train! MOOOOO

The Continuing Saga Of Franko Zappacio

1. part
Gail Zappa discovers that Isaak is Jane23’s real child’s father. Jane23 asks his husband not to take away Gail Zappa’s position, together wanted it to make jump they. Paul Sempschi obliged to reveal the old secret. His mother just turns up in this moment, that let Dweezil Zappa put his cloak out from the house. Xorg and Jane23 decided that they go abroad again.

“A telenovela is a limited-run television serial melodrama of the type made famous in Latin America.” Oh yes. And this is our cheap version – a story generated totally and exclusively by machines: after I’ve given the names, the thing called Brazilizator made up the story, and after it (“I’m also programmed for conversational English!”) an online translator – voilá! – turned it into “English”. No “human elements” or other ulterior motives added! :-)

Curious? (more…)

What A Pumpkin!

The world’s largest pumpkin – in Scituate, Rhode Island, now in the Guinness Book of Records. Arf.

Clapton Goes Jazz

Subtle, complex, intricate, multi-layered — in one word, beautiful:

More? Sure thing. How about some Steve Vai?

The Big Rock Off!

Dr Sharl and I got to see Tenacious D & The Pick Of Destiny on DVD last night. Good times, and funny as hell (eh heh heh):

Jack Black’s a genius! Must buy the soundtrack.

God Warrior

Via Andrew, check out this outrageous slice of video from a reality show called Wife Swap:

Dark sided! Dark sided! Be sure to watch the vid all the way through by the way, as harrowing an experience as it may be…

Bum-Bum-Bum Bimbo

Take it away, Miss Teen USA:


Watch in awe as Finnish band Gregorius rock out on The Village People’s YMCA:

I’m speechless. Brilliant.

Update: Phax, of Finnish persuasion, comments:

The bassist is actually Pekka Pohjola, who played with Finnish prog band Wigwam and Mike Oldfield among others and was reportedly supposed to record with FZ himself, as “FZ especially liked to play with Bassist Pohjola, whom he had met already during his previous visits. He was planning to record something with Pekka, but this plan was never realised.”. Small world eh?

Small world indeed.

Zappa: Satan Worshipper

Who knew? (GodTube vid. You have been warned.)

Interview?? With??? Frank Zappa?!?!?

Okay, you won’t believe this: “FZ gives a neck massagio with salami to a Japanese Italian TV host, while talking about Milan, pop stars with only one glove, and Thing-Fish”. (from: Zappa Internet Jam Sessions)

Have you ever had salami rubbed on your neck before?

(Details: Zappa flip, c. October 8, 1984, Italian TV, Milan.)

Diva’s Laugh

Diva’s Laugh: Episode 1. Odd.


i have been playing songs on my hands for 37 years!
this one was really hard to do!

Everyone: Magnificoooo…


Question: at election time, where can you cast your vote and sign up for a blowjob? Answer: why, Belgium, silly!

100 Easy Tunes For Guitar

For beginners, like Mr. Knopfler, Mr. Gilmour, Mr. Kilmister – and the others.


My experience with has been quite pleasant so far, save the occasional time-out. New friends, new neighbours. And look! Having now played some 765 tracks, my Taste-O-Meter finally tells me that Dr Sharleena and I really do have a lot in common! Proof:


The Dot — oh yeah. These guys are so underground, you have no idea.