7 thoughts on “What A Pumpkin!”

  1. Tsk, tsk — more stupid human tricks from the folks who brought us the world’s longest fingernails (but, damn, that is a big pumpkin Balint).

  2. “What a pumpkin.”
    -Frank Zappa-

    “Next contestant, Mrs. Sybil Fawlty from Torquay. Specialist subject – the bleeding obvious.”
    -Basil Fawlty-

  3. the world’s largest pumpkin is al gore’s head
    nobel peace prize? what a joke- for talking about something everyone knows already and he had a chance to do something radical about but didn’t like a typical lying ass-licking profit-making politician
    what a joke
    o wow he made a movie and talked his condescending bullshit to the “ignorant masses”
    really? what about the people in irak, china, myanmar, darfur, anywhere in the world who give their lives for a change no matter how small
    what a fucking insult to humankind
    go get a nice tuxedo al, sweden is waiting for you with a bunch of dollars and even a chance to jump back in the presidential race, full already of well fed hypocritical scum like yourself.
    Or else go write another book and sing a song with bono and do the well-paid lecture circuit with all the other creeps. I hope an air conditioner unit falls on your head when you go receive such prestigious award.

  4. I wonder if the Guinness Book of Records has a section for bonehead manoeuvres like the one from the Nobel Peace Prize Award panel?

  5. In their defence, they did award a Nobel to Aun San Suu Kyi, who of course couldn’t attend, being in house arrest for the rest of her life in Myanmar, and still never ceasing to call out for the world’s help against those junta monsters. She is a REAL hero, like the monks that went out knowing they were not coming back, facing the barrel of a rifle with a prayer, like the Palestine kids fighting rockets with slingshots, people like that. But Fathead Al Gore!!!!!!!!!????????????? No thanks, Al, you weaseled your way into a trendy issue, great, what else do your PR consulting firms tell you to say?
    Oh, I forgot, maybe it was that you invented the internet! hahahah!!!!

  6. Hi, oh really. I’m from the U.S. and agree that this is quite odd. Gore had the capital and the high profile to present this information to a wide audience, but other people did the “leg work”. Their work is more deserving of a Nobel Prize. This seems like a political move by the Nobel Foundation to indirectly criticize Bush. Our current “Democrats” are thinly disguised Republicans, and reasonable people like Kucinich and Ron Paul are buried by our corporate-owned media. I’m posting because it seems only an American would be this riled by Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and I don’t assume most of the posters here are from the U.S. Am I correct? Also, what do the many Belgians, Dutch, British, and other folks who post here think of this?
    Crass as it may seem for Gore to win the Nobel Prize, it could be worse. Here’s a treat from our american fascist idiots:


    Sorry to be a bore.

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