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  1. I guess money isn’t that “dark-sided” after all. It’s what you do with it that matters. Did anyone else notice how this woman used her “beliefs” to terrorize her own family (that little girl was literally shuddering in fear of her own mother). Definitely a form of verbal and psychological abuse, and grounds for any divorce action. They were probably relieved to be rid of her for a week (even if the person they were swapping her for had new age beliefs). Each mind builds it’s own prison…

  2. she has the right to be insane
    she has the right to believe what she does
    george washington was christian
    so was abraham lincoln and martin luther king
    bill clinton and al gore as well
    (although there might be some baptists in there)
    and believe it or not,
    frank zappa was brought up in a christian household
    but mother mary and joseph
    my god that woman was fuckin fat
    i think the little girl was more afraid of an avalanche comin out her mom’s ass than what was spewing out her mouth
    jesus christ!!!

  3. Oh my God.
    I am really sorry for her kids.

    It took away some of the pleasure of seeing how easily this warrior could be bribed.

  4. am I missing something here . have I strayed into the the wrong website what the fuck has thee above video got any thing to do with zappa’s universe there’s no zappa music . no c.c. I for one think k.u.r needs to get back on track . some of the news /self penned songs . over the last week has k.u.r scraping the bottom of the barrel . p.s the only conceptuial continuty clue that I can muster is “JUMBO GO AWAY” I ain’t being negative but please “hear my plea”

  5. The c.c. here is “Dumb All Over”, “Heavenly Bank Account” etc. This woman is a glowing example of the American Evangelist Christian mentatlity. Something Frank warned us aboutall through his catalogue.

    These people are fucked up. I’ve seen this kind of behavior(and worse) first hand. It’s one of the bad things about living in the South unfortunately.

  6. Wow! That’s almost enough to make me want to move to some Islamist Republic….like France, or Germany……

  7. I’m quite sure that child services should have been came over to investigate after that little episode. Christ, if I was one of the crew, I would have called CS on that horrid beast. Christians arent crazy but crazy people become Christian. Strange how there is something in the unbalanced psyche that gives them predeliction to adopt a religious outlook: the nutcase on the street who shouts about God and Jesus… though a Christian outlook has parallels to a paranoid delusion; evil all around you, evil in disguise, magic powers, a crusade, bilateral truisms (Good v. Evil, Heaven v. Hell), judgements that make each miniscule act and thought of the psychotic carry great impact: Sins, saving souls, etc.
    Though one could write a thesis about the subsceptibility of psychotics to religion, it can also be inferred that people with mental illness who are religious do not receive proper treatment because mental illness can be so easily mistaken for “the faith”, if not interchangeable with religious conviction: Joan of Arc heard voices that told her to kill the British…
    You could say the same about mental illness and the artist. That someone who shows artistic talent and has mental illness often suffers a similar fate as the schizophrenic Christian: that their illness is ignored as long as it doesnt get in the way of their work, much as the schitX. malady is ignored as long as they go to church and dont disrupt the community. With re: to the artist, this was done tragically to Syd Barrett, though the many artists who suffer suicides or die in asylms support such a hypothesis.
    That’s not to say that you have to be insane to be an artist, it’s just that crazy people often find beautiful ways of expressing their illness, that skewed world view. We find a use for their elegant ramblings and let them waste away mentally.
    Though it’s out of respect for the faith and the pecking order of a religious community that no one will step in for crazy religious folk. It’s dangerous territory to lock someone up because they pronounce their faith, even though they do it in such a hysterical manner (as seen in the video), much as it’s dangerous territory for a preacher to report, denounce or try and calm down someone’s hysterical religious convictions. If someone was screaming about your work, your ideas, getting you followers and donating you lots of money, they may be crazy but it’s a crazy that’s paying off.
    Besides, if you were a preacher and were telling your more vocal exultators to tone it down, you give a mix message to the rest of your “flock”. I could understand why a preacher would tell that fat, crazy bitch to strap a bomb (it’d have to be a very large explosive, eh?) and go blow herself up because ______ (your enemy or pet peeve) is really Satan. Perhaps the Al Queda/Islamic War against the West is just the Muslims trying to liquidate the really annoying crazies who fill their ranks, like factories which reopen to burn off their inventory, you pick through the pile of dates and when you come across a rotten one, you just fling it in your overbearing neighbour’s door, making little stains on the paint and perhaps making his dog/kids sick.

  8. This is really fucked up! This woman must have some sort of mental illness, or a traumatized childhood or something. Religious people come in many sorts and shapes, but to behave like that in front of your children, something is surely wrong. Who knows, maybe its the camera…

  9. mediocre Says:

    “It gets funnier if you convince yourself she’s screaming ‘dork sided’ all the time.”

    Thanks, mediocre. You made me chuckle all day.

  10. Paul Sempschi,

    To call the woman in this video “crazy” is going a bit too far don’t you think? She has the right to believe in whatever she wants. And her family has the right to either sit there and take her abuse, or leave (Isn’t freedom such a wonderful thing?).

    But to start selecting particular individuals with predilections toward mental illness as an example for your argument seems quite baseless to me. There have been many great artists and thinkers and composers who also happened to have some sort of mental malady. Does genius require some kind of mental apparition? Edgar Allen Poe thought as much. He also believed that Van Gogh was suicided by society (as many brilliant artists have been and are). Of course, Syd Barrett’s illness was tragic. It also made it impossible for him to function within a creative group. Often this is the reason why so many schizophrenics live such isolated lives (they exist in a reality that only they can comprehend). Ultimately, though, the problem is not with them, but with us. We shun what we don’t understand; ostracize those who behave different from ourselves. With very few exceptions, they are only a risk to themselves. And once, in tribal times, such individuals were considered people touched with special sight and given a unique place in their community.

    Unfortunately, this is no longer so…

  11. England may be a shitty country but at least we don’t have as many religious fanatic psychos as America. P.S. In England they’d probably lock this women up indefinately in a mental home.

  12. urbangraffito:
    I agree with you re: that genuis does not equal mental illness and I agree that to begin shunning people based on abnormal behaviour is a terrible idea.
    However I would define an illness as something that disables your ability to function in some capacity- though this may cause some contention, it is broad enough to extend to the biological illness as well as mental illness.
    That woman is nuts. Acting like that shows that she is unable to communicate rationally, even coherently and given the fact that her reaction was relatively unprovoked, would compound her innability to function in day to day situations. That is simply not healthy behaviour, not for her, not for anyone unfortunate enough to be around her. Imagine if she was in a restaurant and was served by some goth chick… or any daily situation where she had to deal with the “dork side”
    She was hysterical and she was close to physical violence, making her a giant risk to those around her, whether they make a conscious choice to be near her or not. Her actions even prove radically inconsistent because she took the money and agreed to be on the show again. And though her family does have a choice whether to be near her or not, her children do not, and they too are at risk, suffering emotionally from these outbursts, if not physically.
    But to get back to the matter of crazy = art, crazy = religion, all I was trying to say is that in art and religious communities, it’s accepted if not tolerated to be somewhat eccentric, even encouraged. Those who see and think differently can become mistaken for those who are actually mentally ill.
    In a religious context, I was saying how that woman’s outbursts may be praised, if not explained away by her having a “deep spiritual side”, rather than realising that you can be spiritual and sane, you can be spiritual and insane. If you’re sick in the head, you’re sick in the head and God has nothing to do with it.
    I was relating this to Syd Barrett whose mental decline was allowed to continue because he was just being a genius, when in fact he was being a schizophrenic (though we really dont know what he had, that’s just one theory). Drugs played a role in the situation, he was probably even encouraged to take drugs despite the fact that they were aggravating his decline, because he was an artist.
    Read Nick Mason’s book, “Inside Out” where he confesses that they allowed his decline to continue, even after he blatantly was losing it, because he was brilliant and they didnt want to upset the situation. Sort of inverted peer pressure but also they allowed him to disintegrate because the situation was benefitting them, he was writing all the songs, acting as lead vocalist and guitar. Like a functioning alcoholic, the people around him figured, if it works dont fix it.
    The rest of what I wrote was a comparison of why a parishoner would allow this woman to remain insane in his Church community with the similar situation of the fans and publishers of a disintegrating genius, if it works, dont fix it. Though in an artistic community, they can afford to be more callous with tales of the artist’s misery and torment, rationalising the situation with this idea that only True art comes out of suffering.
    In a religious context, it must be more subtle. Catholicism is the best example, where they carry through the stations of the cross and go through the gruesome fates of the Saints- who achieved True spiritual being through suffering.

    So you see, I wasnt saying that we should ostracize these people, we should just be able to intervene when eccentricity becomes unhealthy, call it mental illness and get them help. Perhaps this woman just needs a few green pills to even her out, perhaps the Scientologists are right, though some sort of help is needed here. I hope this clarifies things a bit.

  13. Paul Sempschi:

    You make many valid points.

    However, the actions of the woman in this video really cannot be taken seriously. It’s a virtual theatre of the absurd. Would she have behaved in this manner if the cameras and the crew had not been there? I doubt it. She was putting on a performance. For whom, I’m not certain. At very least those that attend the same congregation as she and her family. If you think about it, we are all putting on performances for someone or other, at some time or other: we just don’t have a camera crew sticking a camera in our faces when we do it.

    It’s the so-called “normal” people that I worry about…

  14. If you want an equally as scary woman, watch the audition tape of Rachel on UK’s X Factor. It’s on You Tube.

  15. > UK’s X Factor

    Hey isn’t Ms. Osborne used to the “F” word with Ozzy around most of her life? How about putting an “H” word in there for hypocrite LOL

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