6 thoughts on “Do You Know What You Are?”

  1. I wonder what that cop did to get assigned a stakeout in an airport men’s room stall… A similar scene is described in the novel ‘Confederacy of Dunces’ by John Kennedy Toole. A great, hilarious book.

  2. did not toole commit suicide???
    larry craig’s explanation:
    he was not waving his hand under the stall divider
    he was picking up a piece of paper from the floor
    would YOU Pick up a piece of paper on a public bathroom floor???
    i think NOT!

  3. Holy shit – you can literally fill an entire TOWN with ’em now, there’s been so many of these closet-case GOP pols getting busted for illicit homo-lovin’ in Amurrika of late. Does the 1000th GOP hate-pimp they bust smoking the proverbial salami at least get a toaster or something?

    They seem to have quite a severely pervy yen for the little tikes too, these “Upright Decent Christians” who’re eagerly working to give us all their special Reader’s Digest Condensed Bible version of “The Dark Ages Part 2” … hmmm.

  4. Yes, Toole committed Suicide.
    But he did leave behind a classic book.
    Anyday now, this dipshit will resign.

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