16 thoughts on “Zappa: Satan Worshipper”

  1. Another FZ quotation – “There are more love songs than anything else.
    If songs could make you do something we’d all love one another.”

    Actually, I was wondering whether that Jesus General blog doodad was for real or just another bizarre post-modernist hoax. Either way, some people clearly have too much time on their hands!

  2. Talk about putting words into somebody’s mouth. Anybody with half a brain (obviously Kirk Cameron and his compatriots aren’t included) can understand what FZ was speaking about: he was making an analogy, not promoting satanism (which doesn’t exist, either, except for those nincompoops that believe in the “invisible army” — send in your gift today, and Kirk’ll mail you back a miracle 8 by 10 glossy of him and Alan Thicke kneeling in prayer). Can I get an amen from the choir, Barry?

  3. I thought it was gonna be that Saturday Night Live schetch where John Lovitz was dressed up like the devil, and he says, “Dance, Zappa, DANCE!”, and Dana Carvey, as Zappa, starts twirling. Anybody seen this? Is there a YouTube of it?

  4. We all know Frank was an atheist, not a Satanist. There’s a difference. Satanists also believe in fairy tales like Christians. It’s just the “ooh I’m so bad and heavy” type of fairy tales. This kind of badly researched stuff put off as fact makes me puke. Funny how you can’t post a reply unless you are thoroughly registered with their stupid site. I hope xorg is right. Maybe it’s a joke. It is anyway.

  5. I kinda feel sorry for Kirk Cameron.
    His head is empty, and he’ll do ANYTHING
    to get in front of a camera.

    At least he’s better at it than MC Hammer was when
    his career dried up…which ain’t saying much.

  6. Wow, a holy roller with a sitcom under his belt berating a musical genius with over 60 albums and a legacy of music, film and literature. God probably thinks Kirk is a douche, too.

  7. I once had an encounter w/Kirk in his sinner days. A strip club in Times Square. I was down and out lovesick and he scoffed at me and I didn’t even have the energy to flip him the bird. Been wanting to get even with him ever since. Now with his conversion and Frank Attack, it’s high time I strike back.

  8. It was fun to watch Zappa and LaVey in the same program. You should read LaVey’s biography. His life and thoughts correspond much more with Frank’s than you think. They were the same kind: they loved their freedom, loved sex, laughed about superstition & christianity and justed wanted to be left alone.
    Their difference in musical skills is what sets them apart mostly.

  9. LaVey also “borrowed” heavily from a wide array of masters to put his work together. Zappa at least acknowledged Varese, Stravinsky, et al. It seems that the church of Satan is just a way for Libertarians to get religious.
    Though I dont know why they want to attack the church of Satan so readily, when they’re just a minority of lone intellectuals and hard core goths. I’d think they’d be more alarmed with Freemasonry and those secret societies who have subverted Catholicism and most likely are running the gov’t., NASA, world bank, CIA, etc. They also have contempt for “Christian Values” And they (Masons) worship Baphomet.
    Considering their (Xians’) terrible logic, I’d love to know who they’d publicize Taxil’s “hoaxes”, the writings of Downard and the assassination of Pope John Paul- though they’d probably react with virilient hysteria.
    But rather than attack anyone of real threat, they just go off on teenagers, Hollywood, pro-gay legislation and Satanists. It’s like the Italian government going off on Jews, Socialists and Communists while turning a blind eye and a blank check to the emerging Facist revolution.
    Gullibility, stupidity, ignorance and paranoia are terrible, terrible things, eh?

  10. I believe in one God and his name is.. Frank Zappa! I also believe in the prophets Dweezil, Ahmet, Gail, Moon and Diva..but not all the time.

  11. Its just music, Zappa was not a satanist, even if he didn’t believe in God. Just because he didn’t have the same beliefs as you does not make him a bad person. Watching stuff like this just offends me and I am a Christan, I think it is pathetic how majority of Christians act, it is very sad and offensive, we are all people, God gave us the right to chose what we believe in. The other musicians are putting on a show, if you can’t understand that, I think you seriously need to think a little harder and realize that it is a show.

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