Last Bang

Hell freezes over: the Rolling Stones will reportedly quit touring for good after playing London’s O2 Arena this Sunday after 45 years in the music business.

The veteran rockers are believed to have declared that their current A Bigger Bang Tour will be their last because frontman Sir Mick Jagger, 64, and guitarist Keith Richards, 63, will be too old to do another.

I find that quote irresistibly funny for some reason.

8 thoughts on “Last Bang”

  1. I am relieved, to be honest.

    I wouldn’t pay to see them if tickets
    were $7.50 – let alone the $250.00 or some
    ridiculous nonsense.

    IMHO, they could have banded together
    to produce “Black and Blue” then split
    up forever and I’d be happy. If I never
    hear Start Me Up or Sympathy For The Devil
    or Some Girls or Paint It Black etc…again,
    it will be too soon. I have also grown beyond
    watching some FOP ponce around like a girl.
    It never really did anything for me.

  2. The Stones were great. Influenced many a band, influenced popular culture, and have written songs that will stand up forever. Yes, it’s too bad that certain songs have been overplayed and have perhaps reduced their once iconic power, but you cannot underestimate their place in musical history. Even after Black & Blue (A GREAT album) there were still a few fights left in ’em. Perhaps they should have stopped a little sooner, but from what I heard on Pay-Per-View, they still sounded and played great!!
    What’s wrong with that? Of course they’re not “rebellious envelope pushers” anymore, but if millions of people still want to see you, why not? If it’s in ya, it’s gotta come out.

  3. Awesome band – until about 1972.
    Perpetual rock albatross from then until now.

    When your main claim to musical fame is still being around – you probably shouldn’t be. I’m relieved – but not 1/10 as much as the Glitter Twins themselves are, I bet. You think YOU hate “Satisfaction”? Imagine having had to play it EVERY YEAR since it came out – in the bloody 1960s. Yeesh.
    I think they were looking at literally playing gigs from gurneys, walkers & wheelchairs, & just couldn’t do that to their own image. Good choice.

    No more slobbery-tongued logos?
    Oh, what a pity.

  4. I can’t imagine Keef or Ronnie putting their guitars down for long. Hopefully they’ll do some smaller solo gigs where the music is the focus, not the theatrics like the Stones stadiums shows.

  5. Or could they just be grooming the public for yet another farewell tour (this one lasting well into their 70s…walkers ‘n all — can they really give up all that money that touring generates)?

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