11 thoughts on “Diva’s Laugh”

  1. This one – found on the same You Tube page) is much more funny : 200 Motels video, with Ringo as FZ and a ” presentator” with a German accent . FZ didn’ t know yet over then that artists anyhow need German attention & money to implement their projects.

    Why our beloved friends, the Germans ? Because they spend an afwful lot of money on culture ( avant garde included). KUR, speaking as a Belgian, did you know that the budget for culture to be spend by the city of Munich happens to be much higher than what the entire Flemish government is pending likewise?

  2. That’s a strange laugh. The first thing
    I thought was that she must have been drinking.

    When her nose pierces the darkness, her
    semi-profile looks amazingly like Frank Zappa!

    What are the chances of that?

  3. My question is: why are we even remotely interested in Diva’s laugh slash whine slash whatever? Celebrity by association, plain and simple folks!

  4. Valley Girl? That’s Moon, Diva played on the AAFANRAA iTunes release… so there you go! BTW I believe I spotted Ahmet in the video as well.

  5. Hey folks, those knit caps make great pot holders. Mine still has many years good use remaining, even after frequent launderings over all these many years…

  6. Forgive me, forgive me… I, too, possess a beanie (and part-time pot holder) and should’ve known better… gag me with a spoon AAFANRAA…

    P.S. Diva does have her father’s nose (and a cute one at that).

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