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Year of the Freak: February (the weesa)

In honor of that special individual who has stuck by the freak through the long years of freakdom — be it a friend, a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, mate, ex-wife or ex-husband (hey, you can’t expect everyone to stick around: twenty years is a very, very long time) — for helping to steal hub caps, for listening to those same favorite FZ/MOI albums and tracks over and over again, for hearing those same FZ/MOI anecdotes for the umpteenth time: this post is for you.

The weesa (she’s so divine)

Nick Harper: Titties and Beer

Nick plays a cover of Frank Zappa’s ‘Titties and Beer’ for his encore at Greenbelt 06. Interesting choice of song for a Christian festival!

From another source:

Roy’s son Nick regularly features a version of ‘Titties and Beer’ in live concerts (at which Roy has taken the role of the Devil), and has also been known to break into a snippet of ‘St. Alphonso’s Pancake Breakfast’. Well worth seening live – an excellent guitarist & witty songwriter in his own right. His latest double live album is selling for a very reasonable price now at Quixotic Records, and latest news is that the ZFT have given permission for TAB to appear on a future album.

By the way, the whole thing started with this find:
International Moustache Month. :-)

Zappa Alchimiste II

Remember the Ensemble de Basse Normandie going on tour with a show called The Big Note/Zappa Alchimiste? Sure you do! Now there’s video: here, here, and here. Via The Idiot Bastard.

Year of the Freak: January (the rat)

In honor of our friendly neighborhood webmaster, Barry, and due to unfortunate circumstances beyond his control whereby the discography section can no longer post images of a thumbnail nature, I post the above.

Hey, any excuse for a guitar solo is a good excuse.

Paradise, Pomp & Puppets

David Ocker writes in to point out his “longest blog post ever” — about performing FZ’s orchestra music. An interesting read, coming from a man who obviously knows what he’s talking about; with an appreciative tip of the hat to the recent Hungarian 100% Zappa concert.

PERFECT and Corny

Nowadays I happen to meet really nice people. Does it have anything to do with nice music? I don’t know. But the thing is that conductor Tom Trapp was kind enough to answer my few questions about the 100% Zappa project.

Nice text – the keywords are: arranging, first Zappa-experience, WAZOO, rehearsals, imrovisation, Gail Zappa, love of music… Have fun! (Thank You, Mr. Trapp!)

New FZ @ Wolfgang’s Vault

The Friday Boots may be history, but Wolfgang’s Vault still has concerts and interviews aplenty.

tip of the hat to hipbone

Santa Monica, December 1981

Missed it in 2003? Here it is again, from Burkhard! With some additional stories here.
Great show, atomic solos, fun moments, amazing special guests – should be released!

100% Zappa – On The Radio!

Tomorrow (thursday) the whole program of the MR Symphony Orchestra will be aired on the radio – of course you’ll be able to listen to it online. At 19.35 (in Hungary).
A tiny video of the program can be seen here. Hey!

Update: the program can be downloaded here. Just scroll down to 19.35 – it’s in Real Audio format. The segments start at 19.00, 20.00, etc, so you’ll have to download two parts.

YouZap – Audio/Video

Or should it be ZapTube?… Anyway, I’ve made a collection of the collectable videos – from the Steve Allen Show (63) till Dweezil’s ZPZ shows. Just to have them together. Have fun!
(The collection is constantly growing.)


It’s here. It’s hot. The Zappa Plays Zappa DVD, finally available on Barfko-Swill. Warmly recommended by all of us here at Barry Towers!

Word of warning: NTSC format — unlike the PAL copy I bought at the Antwerp gig…

Missing Links: RDNZL, Cosmik Debris – Stockholm

Have you seen the Stockholm show, 1973? You did? Maybe the 50 minute version. But here are some missing gems, previously unseen (at least by me): RDNZL and Cosmik Debris.
Great tunes! Watch the fun the band has during and after RDNZL! Sooooo good!!!
(provided by bongolamp)

Update: bongolamp has just uploaded Kung Fu and Penguin In Bondage! (I’ve also updated it on my page)
Thank you, man!

Zappa Radio at

After a few months of “coming soon”, here it is finally: the Zappa Radio. A fine mix of FZs music, constantly playing online. Unfortunately the playlist shows only what you have listened 5 minutes ago.

Wohs Sdrawkcab Eht

The members of our rockin’ teenage combo don’t know this right now that we’re not gonna open the show the normal way we usually open it.
Gonna start with Green Genes… the whole show backwards.

And it’s 1 March 1973, Daytona Beach, Florida – more infos here (from

Envelopes – MR Symphonic Orchestra

Made by Nándi – thanks, man!!!