100% Zappa – On The Radio!

Tomorrow (thursday) the whole program of the MR Symphony Orchestra will be aired on the radio – of course you’ll be able to listen to it online. At 19.35 (in Hungary).
A tiny video of the program can be seen here. Hey!

Update: the program can be downloaded here. Just scroll down to 19.35 – it’s in Real Audio format. The segments start at 19.00, 20.00, etc, so you’ll have to download two parts.

8 thoughts on “100% Zappa – On The Radio!”

  1. Thanks, Balint. The way I figure it, I’ll have to tune in around 11:30 am late tomorrow morning. Anyone hungary for a burnt MR Symphony Orchestra sandwich?

  2. yes please.

    i’ve not said much here, but i hang out quite a lot – it feels good to know like minded folks exist when in Tennessee, it sometimes doesn’t feel like it.

    Rocky Top!!!

  3. Orchestral Deelite!
    Just grooved out to some Bartok so I know I can listen in – IF I figure out when the show happens in Pacific Time, & IF I’m not too wiped-out from working all night. Wish me luck!

  4. Thanks for the link.
    Good thing it’s here to download … I completely forgot!
    Brain? What brain?

    Listening & loving it.
    After all these years, that 200 Motels overture still makes my head buzz!
    Major case of Hungarian-envy here.


  5. Excellent rendition of Bogus Pomp. Reminds me of the first time I saw 200 Motels at an art film house. It blew my fucking mind. Thanks for the link and the trip down memory lane…

  6. Urbangr. ” the first tilme I saw 200 Motels”. I was the, when it was released a shy very young teenager, living in a remote area. I got echos about 200 motels ( in art art magazine, which was imposed to be by my father…), being shown in an obsccure Brussels cinema; I took the train to Brussels ( 115 km). I had never ever been in Brussels before. My father wasn’ that happy about my initiative, but it helped me loose my shyness. Wonderful story isn’t it?

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