Year of the Freak: January (the rat)

In honor of our friendly neighborhood webmaster, Barry, and due to unfortunate circumstances beyond his control whereby the discography section can no longer post images of a thumbnail nature, I post the above.

Hey, any excuse for a guitar solo is a good excuse.

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10 thoughts on “Year of the Freak: January (the rat)”

  1. We keep listening.
    And good to see that there is more than just the B. Watson book :

    Cosmik Debris: The Collected History & Improvisations of Frank Zappa, Greg Russo, Crossfire Publications, 1998. Revised 1999. An invaluable resource that illustrates an exhaustive chronology with many rare photos, record covers and press clippings. Includes an excellent introduction to 20th-century classical music (and its presumed influence on Zappa) by Chris Sansom. Also contains all of the major lists: discographies, gigs, bands, films, TV and radio appearances, unreleased projects, etc.

    The Frank Zappa Companion: Four Decades of Commentary, edited by Richard Kostelanetz, Schirmer Books, 1997. A collection of the more intelligent and revealing interviews, reviews and critical articles. Dry, but informative.

  2. It won’t be that difficult for Urbangr.

    Why? Because music is the best ( the greatest Art). It just keeps surviving. Simply because it happens to be art.

    As for graphic art. Did you ever consider transcribing the FZ name in chinese?
    The year of the Rat.

  3. It may be of interest to Berger Kahn’s legal dogs as well as the ZFT that the above clip is hosted at KUR can therefor in no way be held accountable simply for linking to it, as it is within YouTube’s capability and responsibility, not KUR’s, to delete alleged copyrighted material.

    ZFT: meet YouTube. YouTube: meet ZFT.

    Shall I bring some coffee?

  4. Uncertainty creates strength
    Understanding music leads to boredom
    And that would be the end of music
    (John, pag 27, CPIII booklet)

  5. Oh, rats!

    Uh, regret to inform yez … but believe it or not, the ZFT actually HAS been trolling through YouTube & putting the boots, as it were, to some folks that were posting Zappa video matter, like bongolamp (suspended) & miRthkon (now Zappaless).

    The ZFT will encounter zero resistance from YouTube – they already have a no-copyrighted-material condition in their Terms Of Use, & they’ve opted to become ever-more tightassed about enforcing it of late. So YouTube isn’t an adversary to the ZFT – they’re an ally.

    Having just the single video, I don’t know if this person will get the same attention or not. Who knows?

    But it’s already happening.
    Hope you brought enough coffee for everyone.

  6. Should’ve known … you can’t keep a good lamp down.
    Me & the other smelly freaks thank you for keeping the good stuff out there where it can be appreciated.
    Music is for the world.
    Vaults are for banks.

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