4 thoughts on “Envelopes – MR Symphonic Orchestra”

  1. I really like the Hungarians , i e the Magyars. They’re highly ( musically ) cultured. Relentlessly – in a serious way – into Innovation.

    By the way Balint. My estimation, being an anti – narrow minded nationalist: Ligeti is much bigger than for B. Bartok. OK?

    An Invi. Explore the magyar sister people, the Suomi, the Finns. Very much the same tribe.
    Yes, more than 1000 years ago, Mag. & Sum. , happened to be one tribe. Both crossed the Ourals. They went into European territory. Very unlike other intra European migrations. Check it out. Both settled separatly on European territory. Till now they happen to be very stubborn. That’s the good side of nationalism.

    Finns & Magyars – way back 1000 yeas ago – spoke the same language. Now they still have one thing in common : stubborn originality.

  2. Nice interpretation. Maybe they played it slowly so they can also play
    the difficulty parts. How is it if they would invite Mr. T. Mars for singing?

  3. Is it me, or whenever I hear an orchestra perform Zappa it always comes off “stiff” sounding, as though they’re playing without any heart or joy in the piece? And isn’t this the problem with so much of classical music?

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