Osaka ’76

Well that was fun: we appear to have been off the airwaves for hours last night! Just be glad it didn’t happen today, as here’s this week’s Friday boot: Osaka, Japan, 3 February 1976 — aka The Eyes Of Osaka:

It is from this legendary concert that the (abridged) Zoot Allures version of “Black Napkins” is lifted, just like “Ship Ahoy” on Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar (and parts of “Duck Duck Goose” on Läther); the first and last parts of the drum solo appear on Stage #3, as “Hands with a Hammer”, duly credited to Bozzio – and the 1976 part of “Zoot Allures” on that album is also from Osaka.



The second edition of Zappa Plays Zappa kicks off next July 18, so the Dweez is starting to do interviews again:

It’s been really hard learning a lot of the new stuff. We have a lot more vocal responsibilities this year. We’re taking a lot of material from other eras. (…) Everybody had a good time last year, but it was funny, because we were on stage for over three hours every night, and it was total concentration to make sure that we got through everything as well as we could. So we have elements of that, but this year there’s maybe a touch more breathing room for the band to have a little bit more fun.

Which reminds me: I’ve yet to receive my tickets, purchased over a month ago. Let’s hope the postal services didn’t mess this one up…

G-Shot Tornado

Did FZ see it coming all those years ago? The G-Shot:

By 4 p.m. she sat inside Dr. Justin Salerno’s office, readying to become the surgeon’s first patient to receive an injection called a G-Shot, also known as G-spot Amplification. With a 3 1/2-inch needle, Salerno pumped a small dose of collagen into his patient’s Grafenberg Spot and made it swell to the size of a quarter.

Namer’s Remorse

… something Zappa obviously never suffered from.
The Baby-Name Business:

Karen Markovics spent months reading baby books and scouring Web sites before settling on Nicole Josephine. But now, four years later, Mrs. Markovics says she wishes she’d chosen something less trendy — and has even considered legally changing her daughter’s name to Josephine Marie. “I’m having namer’s remorse,” she says.

… and no: we haven’t subscribed to the Pregger’s Daily newsletter — yet.

The Voice Of Cheese: Inflatable Henry

Well now: having contacted two VOC-contributors who ended up failing to deliver in time, I guess you’re going to have to put up with one of my ditties.

The track in question is entitled “Counterfeit Antibodies” and dates back to my Inflatable Henry days. I started out by recording bits ‘n pieces of audio from some rather pedestrian sci-fi TV-show, threw them in a loop, and proceeded to go wild on the cheapo synthesizer effects. Added some electric guitar bits for extra measure. Have a listen:


Like it? Download it!

I’m Very Pregnant That I’m Late

Linguistic Mystic has a rather hilarious post on the joys of foreign language miscommunication. Just one of many quotes:

A co-worker of my dad’s name is Dick de Cock, which is a perfectly normal name in the Netherlands. However, when he got a promotion and suddenly had to travel all over the world, he got a lot of weird looks.

Everything Is Healing Nicely

My anecdote 002 for today: been to the hospital for a few days because of a minor problem, and just to spend the time I’ve brought Slaven’s FZ biography with me. While reading the book, a middle-aged doctor (a lady) comes in to check the patients, and looking at me she says:
“What is that book you’re reading? ZAPPA?!? Geee! I SIMPLY ADORE HIM!”
Hm, it seems you’ll never know where you will meet another FZ fan. :-) Since then Everything Is Healing Nicely.

The Voice Of Cheese: Rickard Steen

Another VOC, another gem! The sweet little ditty featured this week was written and performed by Rickard Steen (aka St Tan around these parts). Rickard says:

The name of the tune is Kvick which is the name of my daughters goldfish. A little instrumental ditty influenced by “The Way I see It” from Lumpy Gravy and “G-spot Tornado”. No band, just myself.

Have a listen:


Like it? Download it!