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  1. Not bad, not bad! I wonder wonder who did this? As an American, I still feel i have to apologize for our idiot president. He truly is not representative of our collective character.

  2. Representative? he’s already comitted enough crimes to belong in that idi amin, nero, hitler, etc. club. But everyone else in the western world, yes & I do mean Europe among others, kisses his ass, so noone should feel all that self-righteous talking about him. Noone’s done anything to stop him, aside of dispensing comfy armchair platitudes. Who’s worse? The criminal or the rest who conveniently look the other way?

  3. So who’s looking the other way?
    “Stopping him” would require assassination – something that doesn’t seem so bad on the surface, until you stop and think about who would replace him.
    Bush is an idiot, Cheney is truly evil…
    It is unfortunate that the warmongers have duped the “people with the fish on their cars” (FZ once admonished that THEY are not YOUR friend), because without the Religious Right, he wouldn’t be here now.
    Bush will be gone soon enough; the jeezo’s who think they can better the world by nailing their doctrine onto the rest of the planet will not.
    THEY are the ones we need to fear – not mumbling, bumbling, stumbling nincompoops like W.
    Oh, btw, nice platitude; I do hope your armchair is comfy…

  4. Primo mashup!

    Us Canucks have a front-row seat … & our own share of ugly: hey, any draft-dodgers out there? Heads up: better be able to get here sub rosa, otherwise our Customs & RCMP will bust your ass & ship you south; “it can’t happen here” my ass – it already DOES.

    A global resistance that included boycotts of US/-owned goods & STOCKS & BONDS would’ve had W-zilla doing a smoother 180 than Linda Blair’s head in “The Exorcist” … & still can, right now. Protests are photo-ops for narks, & a groovy psychedelic exercise in pretend-virtue magic: my witty protest slogan will Stop The War, I can change peoples’ minds if I just scream invective at them sincerely enough, my getting maced means I’m in total personal brotherhood with someone who saw her family bombed to bits … for the record, I do not own an armchair.

    Don’t feed the monkey!

  5. Who is worse? George W. Bush or Michael Moore? Both are SiCKOs if you ask me: each with their polarizing, dogmatic rhetoric — one left wing, one right wing, while everyone in the middle just gets shat upon. Oh well, ho hum. Tough times to be an American, indeed…watching and witnessing as elected officials roll up the constitution with a still damp pair of Carl Zappa’s gym socks and ignite it with a sulfur preparation…Well, at least the U.S. has a “sunset clause” in it’s terror legislation (unlike here in Canada where one’s rights can be taken away by a quick act of Parliament known as the “notwithstanding clause”). Ah, but there’s always hope them DAMN YANKEES will come to their common senses some day and take back their government for themselves and thus continue the grand experiment.

  6. Who is worse? George W. Bush or Michael Moore?

    G Dubya: spends millions on a war that is based on lies; doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the needs of millions of American families; wipes his Texan ass with the Geneva Convention; cuts the rich big financial breaks; is an ignorant, intellectually lazy puppet of Corporate US, is wrapped up in various addictions that have led him to believe he’s on a mission from god.

    Moore: has relentlessly attempted to kick America out of its lethargy, since before 9/11 (Flint); Is Not In It For The Money; isn’t funded by any fucked-up lobby — be it the christian right or the oil business.

    Think I know what my pick would be.

    I resent — nay, take offense to — your putting Bush and Moore on the same level. They are not. I would even go so far as to say that the US is in desperate need of a guy like Moore. How you suceeed in missing this point can only be attributed to one thing: a severe form of terminal cynicism that is not helping anyone — including yourself. I find your lack of interest in any form of positive action discouraging, and a bit frightning on the side. I suspect it may be your attempt at Zappa-mimicry, but if it is: you got it wrong. Dead wrong.

    But hey: live and let live…

  7. I agree, Moore can’t be put on the same level as Bush; besides: “apples and oranges”, why would you compare them? They are not in the same situation one and the other.
    I also agree with danny in the sense that Bush doesn’t represent the American collective character, even if he won the (2nd) election that was mostly because of other facts -not because of *him*.
    As a south-american, i can tell you, there’s no way to stop people like this but dispensing (comfy or uncomfy) platitudes. Assasination is not a choice, or shouldn’t be; so what else can you do?

  8. [Bush] won the (2nd) election that was mostly because of other facts -not because of *him*.

    There is a heavy bias towards incumbants (people who are already in office) in US politics, particularly presidents, and particularly during a war – the asshole you know vs the asshole you don’t. If Bush had not stolen the first election, he wouldn’t have even been in the second. Those of you who are familiar with how Banana Republics work (ie, the people with the money get what they want) can understand that dynamic.

    It is ridiculous to compare Moore with Bush. I have some problems with some of Moore’s work – I didn’t think F-9/11 was all that smart – but he is trying to do something good, and often succeeds in ‘ventilating’ issues which need it very badly. I’ve heard SiCKO is good. Moore makes movies. Bush, OTOH, spreads mental illness, and its attendant other illnesses – and death – around the world. Bush makes the rest of the world much worse and more dangerous while utterly betraying the 300 million people in his own country. Not comparable by any stretch of the imagination. I wish I could say that he doesn’t reflect American Character, but the fact is that he both does and doesn’t. The US voters aren’t innocent. However, most Americans have ‘seen the light’ at this point – finally.

  9. jonnybutter: right. I was going to say that America does have a huge population of Jeebus Chasers who actually believe that our country is Christian Only. They vote. So in many ways we are our own worst enemy. In the late 70s, people like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and the like became powerful and bought Ronnie Reagan who in turned reached out to all the concrete-block minded folks, desecrated our flag with crosses- and bingo: De-Evolution! We were starting to come away from all that, but somehow they came back to murder us in our sleep. It’s totally embarrassing that 3/4 of the rest of the world hates us. Never in my lifetime have I known a president to be so horrible. Nixon, who was also a sociopath, at least was semi-intelligent! Bush is just an idiot. I want my president to be smarter than me. AArrgh!

  10. I’m sorry if I have offended your leftist sensibilities, Barry. But I find that Bush and Moore have more in common than even I am comfortable with. Both address their own particular audience. Both attempt to tell that audience what to think. Moore is no left wing messiah, and folks who agree with his point of view would have agreed with it before viewing his movies in the first place (kinda remind you of a certain US president?), and leave the theatres feeling justified in their own particular perspective (whether or not they actually do thing one about it).
    I agree, I do suffer from a severe form of terminal cynicism (who wouldn’t be in this day and age?). I also agree with the Zappa statement that cynicism is a positive value in our age along with common sense.
    Indeed, Ken Burns is a far better example of a documentary filmmaker than Moore. At least Burns attempts to be objective and allows the viewer to make up his or her own mind regardless of the film’s content. Moore habitually tells the viewer what to think (and in this regard, IMO, he is far more similar to George W. Bush during a State of the Union Address).

    Obviously, what the USA needs more of is free thinkers (not just more right wing, left wing rhetoric).

    Now Frank Zappa, there was a free thinker.

  11. I love Americans. I really do. Really. They’re great. Just don’t hurt me, shoot me, stomp on me, or invade me (unless we know each other better).

  12. IMHO the video was only mildly amusing but it made a good point.
    Urbangraffito’s comments are par for his miniature golf course-of-a-brain.

    At this point in history, anyone that still believes the whole “lefty” “righty” “sensibilities” meme has A LOT more thinking
    to do.

  13. Bush and Moore have more in common than even I am comfortable with. Both address their own particular audience. Both attempt to tell that audience what to think. Moore is no left wing messiah, and folks who agree with his point of view would have agreed with it before viewing his movies in the first place (kinda remind you of a certain US president?), and leave the theatres feeling justified in their own particular perspective (whether or not they actually do thing one about it

    Urbangrafito is not completely wrong. The one thing in common both Bush and Moore have is that they are both fairly mediocre, intellectually. But the problem with the libertarian/conservative critique is always the same: extrapolation errors. They may both be mediocre, but what Moore does is decidedly optional entertainment; the Bush entertainment is not optional at all. From an aesthetic, philosophical POV, I see UG’s point. But….the vision of leftist zombies buying everything Moore says is not really credible.

    FZ liked to tweak liberal sensibilities, but as the man himself might remind you, that was 25 years ago. True Liberalism is under attack all over the world now. So what if Moore exagerates Cuba’s health system? The point is to draw a contrast, not to convert people to Leninism, etc. As big a fool as he might be, Moore does ask the essential question: Would you not let a fire brigade/dept. respond to a fire without checking first to see if responding was profitable? Of course not Some Libertarian ideas make sense, and some don’t.

  14. Moore’s movies have never killed anyone while Bush’s policies on the other hand… then again, it is apples and oranges; ones a politician, the other a propagandist/satirist. Ken Burns is subpar as a documentarian, he often deletes material and does not work well with actual footage (see Baseball and Jazz which both sucked IMHO).
    The comparison between Bush and Bobby Brown is hilarious, look up Cathy O’Brien and see why. Seriously, LOOK UP CATHY O’BRIEN AND SEE WHY

    Bush is another Nixon. He’s a genius at winning/taking elections, despite the attitudes and needs of his people. Did you vote for him? Did you vote for Nixon? No one respects or likes these people, they take the elections because there is no democracy in America. The dirty little secret of the Democratic party is that they all voted for the war in Iraq too, included Moore et al’s precious little John ‘Ketchup’ Kerry. It makes no difference, the war in Iraq was inevitable because of the military industrial contract, Dem and Reb both serve THAT higher power and that’s all there is too it. No one was misled or fooled about the war, except the naiver public who didnt do their research, on capital hill, they all knew the score, they always do. America’s democracy died with JFK.

  15. I thought reading about Cathy O’Brien was more hilarious than watching the video. The video itself was cheap but effective, Rice was well cast as Freddy.

  16. “One thing that I do not understand…why was Moore in this video in the first place?”

    Because of the HIPPIE/COMMIE conspiracy.

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