The Voice Of Cheese: Ghost Pilot

This week’s VOC comes to us from the Chicago based band Ghost Pilot. Keyboard player Eric Ahlgren sent in a track entitled “Singing Of The Sun”. Eric says:

It includes a looped sample of electromagnetic emanations from our sun which forms the basic harmonic drone around which our song is built. It starts off mellow and builds to an orgasmic frenzy which is sure to really get you out there. When the Sun explodes in 100 million years it’ll become a dwarf nebula…hotcha!

Got some ten minutes to spend on optional, interstellar entertainment? Yeah? Have a listen:


Like it? Download it!

4 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Ghost Pilot”

  1. Turned into dramatic New Age? No , I guess.
    I believe that our planet, having started without human beings, will end in the same condition. And indeed the Sun will still be there.

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