The Gigantic Spoken Word Project

This looks to be a very cool project, aiming to compile a very large collection of Frank Zappa spoken word releases.

There will be some music in there but there won’t be any live concerts in the GSW Project. They consist of radio interviews and journalist reporter type personal interviews.

I know people who will salivate over this, starting right about… now.

9 thoughts on “The Gigantic Spoken Word Project”

  1. Not bad.
    Another approach might have been to start collecting comments on FZs music.
    Compare it with the painter Bruegel, he painted his Times. FZ was translating his Times into music.
    When they’ re dead artists aren’t big because of what they really said, but because of what they Said.

  2. Is it allowed to present one example, combining Bruegel & FZ?

    Scholars might find some inspiration here.

    Take .
    The well done ( men in black in the background) want to impose hugue restrictions on the people, enjoying life ( ” carnival”).

    Yes: ” Obèse, le prince Carnaval est censé représenté les protestants, l’individu maigre et triste, affublé d’une ruche sur la tête, incarne lui les catholiques. Bruegel les caricature autant l’un que l’autre. Au centre de la composition, un bouffon guide de nouveau deux personnes. Il a allumé son flambeau bien qu’il fasse encore jour : c’est le signe d’un monde renversé.”

  3. I’ve heard a few of these, and there are some interesting nuggets; but a lot of it is barely audible due to age and primitive recordings that were meant to be transcribed; not broadcast (I recommend headphones). It’s a great idea, but hard to sit through an entire volume!

  4. If someone here has a premium rapidshare account and is able to download these all fairly quickly, then it would be appreciate this if you can upload this to a torrent tracker for an easier download. Without a premium account rapidshare’s waiting periods in between download’s will make this take a VERY long time to get them all.

  5. I’ve downloaded a couple volumes of this from Zappateers. It is really quite excellent. Especially volume 18 (1977) wherein FZ broadcasts the Lather album along with the necessary historical background. Certainly a must for any rabid Zappa fan.

  6. Download in torrent? I think it goes very slow. did that on zappateers a while ago, boy that last forever… the mp3 file on this site are much quicker. Why should i use torrent again?? Lesser diskspace?

    Can we buy these volumes somewhere?

  7. vince: .rar is a compression format. You’ll need to get some software to decompress the file. I’m a Mac-head myself, but I think a little app called “Winrar” on Windows could help you out. I think. Ahem.

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