The Voice Of Cheese: Rickard Steen

Another VOC, another gem! The sweet little ditty featured this week was written and performed by Rickard Steen (aka St Tan around these parts). Rickard says:

The name of the tune is Kvick which is the name of my daughters goldfish. A little instrumental ditty influenced by “The Way I see It” from Lumpy Gravy and “G-spot Tornado”. No band, just myself.

Have a listen:


Like it? Download it!

3 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Rickard Steen”

  1. Wham-bam, bless you St Tan!
    Now THIS is some authentic 21st Century pep … no, not Pop, PEP!
    Dare I say … Power-Pep.

    Needs no pepper.
    Contains all-organic peptides.
    Will not cause dyspepsia.


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