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  1. So do I, Luc.

    By the way the director of the radio program ” Cucamonga”, Zjakki Willems, organised – way back in the old days- a concert called Purple Cucumber. It was about Belgian classic & pock musicians performing the music of FZ ( string quartet adaptation of Inca Roads included). I was there when it happened in Antwerp – De Singel. Great & dynamic. Those people must have been rehearsing for months.

    So. Why not kindly invite Zjakki to have a look at the opportunity to make that great music available to all via the Killuglyradio site?

    His musical preferences: http://www.kwadratuur.be/lijstjes.php?jaar=2005&red=Zjakki+Willems
    People asking Flemish Public Broadcasting not to give in to turn everyting down to ordinary middle of the road radio programming : http://ebalie.vrt.be/VRTForum/message.jspa?messageID=643122
    And this : http://www.united-mutations.com/w/zjakki_willems.htm
    ” belgian vrt radio producer zjakki willems has been involved in a lot of frank zappa related projects:

    the brt big band, playing the music of frank zappa

    the trio cucamonga, playing the music of frank zappa

    “the yellow shark”, a frank zappa tribute by contemporary composers
    selective discography – producer

    the trio cucamonga: the trio cucamonga plays frank zappa
    (1990, cd, bel, avm benelux dcd 99.001) – all compositions by frank zappa

    x-legged sally: fired (5)
    (1997, cd, bel, bang)

  2. Luc:

    And i got it all on tape….


    So do I, Luc.

    Ah, so I reckon any one of you wouldn’t mind sending me a copy? I listened about halfway through, then went to bed because, well, I was dead tired…

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